House Cleaning Company Brooklyn

Homeowners and apartment dwellers in the borough of Brooklyn regularly use the services of a cleaning company to keep their residence sanitized and free from disease. Many people are too busy with their work and other activities to maintain their home’s cleanliness and the professionals employed by licensed cleaning services are ready to make your residence look like new. But how much does this service cost, what products do these companies use and how reliable is their work? Choose your cleaning company carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What Housecleaning Involves
This depends on what you want done and how often. Most companies can be contracted for a one-time visit, although repeat cleanings generally are offered at a discount. Every job is different and depends on the size of the home in terms of square footage, whether the cleaning involves laundry as well as vacuuming and dusting, and if the windows and walls are to be washed and sanitized. In most cases the initial cleaning will be charged by the hour and subsequent visits will have a flat fee, but this cost depends on what operations are actually performed. Discussing this with a company representative will result in several cleaning package options from which to choose, each with a different price tag.

Make Sure The Company Is Licensed And Insured
Reputable cleaning services perform a background check on their employees and have insurance in place in the unlikely event of damage or theft. These contract cleaning services companies will be happy to disclose all information concerning their insurance and the responsibilities of their employees while on the job. If you are not going to be home while the property is being cleaned, it is vital that you let the contractor know if there are areas that are off limits, as well as whether any personal objects and valuable pieces of furniture or appliances should be touched or moved.

Green Technology Housecleaning Companies

1st Class Cleaning uses green technology and environmentally safe products. This is important, as some of the harsher chemicals on the market are not only hazardous to the health of occupants after the cleaning is complete, but contain irritants that can be extremely unsettling to both your family and pets. One of the most common reasons people have health problems in the home is actually the misuse of cleaning products, therefore it is vital that you choose a company that uses non-toxic chemicals as much as possible, ones that will not leave their own dangerous residue on surfaces or in the indoor atmosphere.

No Products To Buy
1st Class Cleaning comes prepared for the job with our own set of cleansers, soaps, hand tools, vacuums and carpet cleaning equipment. We are responsible for the removal of these products, including all rags, cloths, dirty floor coverings and prep sheets. You need not purchase any of the products necessary for us to perform their task, and we will usually do a final inspection of the property before we leave to make sure there are no particles, smudges or cleaning materials left behind.

1st Class Cleaning will answer the questions you may have regarding contract house cleaning. We perform this job on a constant basis and are happy to make your home a clean, sanitary place to live at a nominal cost for our services. Contact 1st Class Cleaning at today!

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