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There is no question that times have changed. Once upon a time, maid service was considered mainly for the rich and famous. We watched movies and television shows where live-in housekeepers kept the family functioning on time, prepared meals and kept the house spotless. Maid service in real life was not the normal trend.

Today, however, life is in the fast lane. Men and women both are busy with their careers. If children are involved, the word busy doesn’t even begin to describe our lifestyles. As we all know, babies need constant attention, and as children grow and their interests evolve, someone has to get them to their lessons, sporting events and other activities. So much activity is going on with everyone, there is no time for the everyday household chores, let alone the spring and fall cleaning projects.

That is where we come in. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small home, an apartment or a mansion, the size of your living space doesn’t matter to us. It still needs to be clean. And it doesn’t matter how many people are living in your home. It still needs to be clean. Sure, you could do it yourself, but you may be surprised how economical it could be to have someone clean it for you.

When you consider the hours it takes you each day, week and month to properly clean your home and compare it to the few hours we would expend doing the same cleaning work, you may find your money spent on our cleaning service, saves you much time and valuable energy on the important things in your life you would rather be doing besides cleaning.

If health is important to you, then you know sanitation is vitally important to health. Maybe you are a tidy person, but do you have any idea that when your home looks clean, it may not be sanitary. Faucets and doorknobs that get touched by everyone all day long, for example, may not look dirty but carry many more germs than we even want to think about. So in addition to the regular, routine cleaning like vacuuming, dusting and dishes, we take care of making sure all the not to noticeable places in your home are as clean as the obvious places.

You will find we have great rates. We will discuss with you everything that we cover with our home cleaning services in New York. You can make a list of the most important issues or cleaning concerns you have, discuss them with us to come to an agreed upon plan to suit your particular needs.

Our cleaning people are well trained to provide you with the best cleaning service for your home you could imagine. We are licensed and bonded, so you can rest assure your personal belongings are safe whether you are home or not when cleaning crews are doing their job. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we will do the job over at no expense to you. Invest your money with us to free up your valuable time for you.

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