Construction Cleaning in NYC

construction cleaning in nycConstruction companies now are focusing on green practices from design to building products. As the owner expects an environmentally constructed building, the general contractor must make sure all aspects of the building phases meet or exceed the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This standard extends to the construction cleaning company for onsite cleaning services.

Providing green cleaning services means more than environmentally safe cleaning products. This process requires use of paper, plastic, and cleaning products that that are environmentally better than most commercial products. Additionally, use of chemical products should have a closed loop system that monitors mixing, use, and disposal practices to minimize human exposure.

Attention to dust control provides a cleaner and safer work environment. In using vacuums with HEPA filter systems, dust that is collected is fully contained and doesn’t leak back out into the environment. Use of micro-fibers to collect and hold dirt in cleaning cloths and floor mops prevents fine construction dust from just being pushed around.

Cleaning at a construction site is not a onetime affair. Periodically the site will need to be cleaned to protect workers from exposure to drywall and site dust as well as paint spray and other fine particles. As a matter of safety, the site will need to have any spilled liquids promptly roped off and cleaned according to manufacturers, as well as OSHA and LEED specifications.

1st Class Cleaning will go beyond the general indoor cleaning regiment. For safety, cleaning exterior site spills is as important as interior spills. Often material storage areas are exposed to high traffic and need to be regularly maintained to keep subcontractors from tracking in dirt and other byproducts. By maintaining walk-off mats at entrances and other highly trafficked areas, the transference of outdoor materials to the interior can be kept to a minimum.

Part of the service can be to remove debris from the site and dispose of it offsite. This can be building material scraps, furniture, or other items not wanted or in the way of getting work completed. This type of service is common for improvements or refurbishments. For LEED certification, a high level of recycling of debris is required.
Walls and floors will need to be cleaned for proper installation of coverings. As the project is coming to a close inspections will be ongoing until all trade work is approved. Cleaning may be an ongoing process at this point to provide proper access for all inspectors.

When the final walk through is scheduled, 1st Class Cleaning provides the owner with an unimpeded view of the finished project. Windows, floors, and surfaces are cleaned increasing the visual newness of a completed project. With close supervision and discussion between the contractor and the cleaning service, the construction site can be an environmentally and physically safer place to work. When vying for a LEED certification, choosing a cleaning company increases in importance. Contact to get started with this top of the line service today!

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