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cleaniing services rockaway parkNow is the perfect time to have your space cleaned professionally by someone with the know-how and efficiency to get your year off to a clean, healthy start. The stress and activity of the holiday season can leave both you and your home burned out. After weeks and months of preparing your house for visitors – and cleaning up after them – anyone can use a break from cleaning. In addition, the spot cleaning and straightening up that is done to prepare for guests can mask the underlying grime and dirt that require a more thorough cleaning. A freshly cleaned space can help rejuvenate you and your surroundings and get back on track.

Winter, with its chill and dampness, contribute to the need for a fresh, clean home. Windows are closed so that fresh air can’t circulate. Dampness in closed in spaces can lead to mold and mildew. Fireplaces and heating systems trap and spread dust, allergens and airborne germs. A professional cleaning service will remove these hidden allergens to make your home feel fresh and help everyone breathe better, especially asthma and allergy sufferers. A cleaning team that uses truly green cleaning agents and methods is the best choice, since they won’t add irritating chemicals and irritants to your home. What’s more, green cleaning contributes to an overall feeling of health that can spread to your eating and lifestyle habits. If one of your goals for the New Year is to get healthy, a professional, environmentally friendly cleaning is the most painless and relaxing ways to get started.

Another goal or New Year’s resolution for many people is to get organized and De-cluttered, and hiring a professional in to clean your home can be a huge #ff6600;”>motivator to get started on that project, too. It’s common for people to “clean up” before the cleaners come, and this can be the inspiration you need to put things away, organize your belongings, and get rid of items that you no longer need or want.

When you schedule a one-time deep cleaning or choose regular maid service, it gives you time to focus on other personal and professional goals. Instead of spending time on ineffective cleaning methods, you can begin to tackle bigger projects or spend more time building positive family and social relationships. Knowing your home is cleaned and that there is one more thing to cross off your to-do list frees your mind to focus on other things. What’s more, a clean office, work or play space invites creative thinking and makes you come up with new activities and routines.

Many people think of professional cleaning services may as a luxury or an indulgence for only very wealthy and very busy people. However, a professional cleaning can benefit anyone. If you think you can’t afford or don’t deserve a professional cleaning service, think again. To get a clean start to the New Year, visit us at 1st class cleaning to schedule your cleaning appointment today.


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