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The demands of maintaining a clean home can take a lot out of you.  Sometimes it can seem like no matter how hard you try to keep your home clean, you can never stay on top of it.  The reason why so many people have a dirty home is not because they prefer to keep it that way but because their life is full of other activities that require an exorbitant amount of time.  Cleaning your home often moves down a few spaces on your list of priorities because you don’t have the time or physical fortitude to do it.  You are not to blame for that.  Modern society has become more and more busy.  Time for family, chores and relaxation is at a minimum.  People now have to work longer and harder to earn a living.  By the time you get home from work, you probably want to take a moment to rest and unwind.

A residential house cleaner can bring back your peace of mind.  For some people, just knowing that their home is clean brings contentment.  If you come home to a clean house, you are much more likely to enjoy life, your family and where you live.  A dirty home can make you sad and resentful of your career or even family.  Hiring a residential cleaning service can make it easier for you to entertain guests and host special events.  These activities will help you to appreciate your home that much more.

If you are enjoying retirement or planning on it soon, you may want to hire a residential cleaning service.  At this point in your life, you might want to slow down and give your body a much needed break.  There is a possibility that cleaning your home could make you fatigued and induce muscle weakness and irritation.  Taking pleasure in this phase of your life shouldn’t be accompanied by the stress of cleaning up.

Getting what you deserve from a cleaning service means that you have to do your homework.  Since so many competing companies are out there, you should take the time to research the ones that you are thinking about hiring so that you can narrow down your options.

There are ten questions that you should use as a checklist or guide for selecting a residential cleaning service.  A company with positive responses to each of these questions is probably a good match for you.

1.       Is the company bonded?

2.       Is the company insured?

3.       Does the company have great reviews?

4.       Is this company reputable?

5.       What services does this company offer?

6.       How does this company choose who they hire?

7.       Will this company work with your schedule?

8.       Does this company offer the services you need?

9.       Does this company use eco-friendly cleaning products?

10.   Will this company guarantee their work?

1st Class Cleaning can affirm that each question on this checklist is what sets them apart from other cleaning services in Albany and other New York locations.  Visit to schedule an appointment today.


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