Achieve a Perfect Spotless House for the Festivities

The holidays are fast approaching, and thoughts turn to entertaining and the marvelous festivities. There are parties to attend, gifts to wrap and cookies to bake. Your schedule is about to get extremely busy, and it can become stressful whether you are hosting a party or not. Having a clean house is incredibly important if you are hosting a gathering, and it’s also important just for staying relaxed and sane as things become busy. Fortunately, keeping the house clean doesn’t have to take a great deal of time.

Make a Commitment to Spend 20 Minutes a Day on the Task

You could spend all day Saturday cleaning the house, but that really isn’t any fun. You have better things to do with your Saturday afternoon. Keep your weekends open for pleasure and dedicate a little time every day to keeping the house clean. If you can spend just 20 minutes a day for thirty days on the house, then you will be thrilled with how clean it looks when it’s time for the big family dinner.

Embrace the Catch-All by the Front Door

If your family is like most, then the kids come in and start dropping items here and there. You come in with full hands and start looking for a place to set things down. When the items land all over the place, it becomes overwhelming and cluttered. Establish a catch-all by the front door for stray items. Before you go to bed, take the time to empty it and put everything away.

Never Leave the Dishes for the Next Day

Nobody wants to wake up in the morning and be greeted by a sink full of disgusting dishes. Take a few minutes after dinner to clean the kitchen to avoid this dilemma. Involve the kids in the process. While one person does the dishes, another can wipe off the counter and someone else can clean the table. You will go to bed feeling relaxed and accomplished, and the clean sink in the morning will energize you.

The Laundry Secret that Works

If you have your own washer and dryer, then you should be doing a few loads of laundry every day. Don’t feel compelled to get it all washed, but try to do at least one or two loads. After they run, you take the time to fold them and put everything away. It’s an easy way to keep up on the chore, and you will never be embarrassed by your delicates sitting on the table when someone stops by to visit.

Set the Timer and Get to Work

Now that you have done the dishes and run a load of laundry, you are ready to set the timer and spend 20 minutes cleaning. The timer prevents you from getting too caught up in the chore, and you can focus on the areas you feel need it most. When you first start the daily task, focus on putting away items and surface cleaning the counters and furniture. As you move through the month, start doing a little more deep-cleaning by organizing drawers, cleaning under beds and washing windows.

If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with these tasks, then consider turning them over to the professionals. It’s easy to keep the house clean in just a few minutes a day, and you can trust our professionals to give you that sparkling clean house you have dreamed of. We offer versatile cleaning services with flexible appointment times and plans. Contact us for more information via our online form, which can be found at, or by calling us at 1.800-309-7881. With our help and a regular routine, you will be able to enjoy a clean house during the upcoming festivities.

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