Cleaning Services Ridgewood NJ, 07450

In today’s hectic world, more people are searching for companies that offer quality-cleaning services. 1st Class Cleaning is the best choice for those living in the Cleaning Services RidgewoodRidgewood area. Our Whitestone office offers cleaning for residential areas, commercial businesses, and everything in between. Whether you own your own business or just need help cleaning up after a party, we provide those services. We are fully licensed and bonded in the state of New York and we work quickly. Once you learn more about the services we provide, you will reach for the phone.

Our residential services are available for home and building owners. We can create a contract for regular cleaning or you can get a one-time cleaning. Our qualified cleaners can finish a studio in three hours, while it takes around four hours for a one-bedroom home. Our premium services give you the same housekeeper week after week. You give her a list of things to do that week and can change the list at any time. Our plus services cover unexpected emergencies and special events. You can get help organizing your closet, unpacking after a move, packing for a move, doing your laundry, and setting up for a party.

We also provide cleaning services for commercial properties, including janitorial work, office cleaning, hospital cleaning, doctor office cleaning, and the cleaning of stores. Restaurants, warehouses, theaters, hair salons, factories, showrooms, churches, schools, and commercial kitchens are just a few of the areas where we have experience. Nearly every store or office has a different layout and we know the ins and outs of cleaning a wide range of spaces. We can work whenever you need the space cleaned, be it before office hours or after your store closes for the night. Our professional image ensures that you receive cleaners that look like your regular employees.

We believe in protecting the environment, which is why we only choose cleaning products with the Green Seal. Vacuums equipped with HEPA filters reduce the risk of toxins and airborne elements staying in your building. Those elements lead to asthma and irritate those with some allergies. We can clean any surface that you have, including glass surfaces, furniture, computers, carpets, rugs, tile floors, mirrors, cubicles, and conference rooms. We even make sure that each trash can or waste receptacle gets emptied at the end of the day and that recyclable items are set out for proper recycling.

One of our other popular services is construction clean up. The last thing you want to do after finishing a construction project is spend days removing the leftover debris from the job site. Our trucks come fully equipped with everything our cleaners need to remove trash, find recyclable items, empty dumpsters, and remove construction trash. We offer other special services as needed to help with minor problems you have around your home or office. Whenever you need help with your cleaning needs, contact 1st Class Cleaning and get a free estimate on the job or schedule an appointment and get help fast.


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