Cleaning Services for New York City Theaters

Cleaning Services for New York TheatersPeople head to New York for the action, incredible food and the theatre. Whether they’re catching one of the top shows on Broadway or taking in a local event out in the boroughs, they expect the theater they visit to be clean and welcoming. Your thespians cannot be expected to clean the theater when they’re busy learning lines and perfecting their art, and your support staff may not have the time to clean the balconies and reception area. Fortunately, there is a better way to keep your theater clean and ready for the next magnificent event.

Treatment for Upholstery

You have smooth upholstered seats that keep your guests comfortable, but when were those seats cleaned last? Popcorn and other foods may fall right off of them when the seats come up, but stains from soda will stubbornly remain in place. Dirt also transfers to the seat from clothing, and children may put their feet on the seats without considering how dirty their shoes are. The right cleaning company will go further than just sweeping the floor. They’ll also vacuum the seats, treat stains and clean the upholstery to ensure that your entire theater is ready for the next big show.

More than a Quick Sweep

You may have an in-house team that will sweep the floor after a show, but the floors in most theaters needs a little more than this. Dirt from shoes, spilled drinks and dropped food mingle together between the rows to create an interesting science fair project. However, your paying customers don’t appreciate it when their feet stick to the floor. They deserve a clean environment, and that includes having the floor between rows cleaned with detergent and water. Hard flooring surfaces should be mopped regularly, and the carpets needs regular cleaning to keep it looking great.

The Lobbies, Rest Rooms and More

Cleaning a theater is all about the attention to detail. There’s more to consider than just the public areas. There are dressing rooms to be cleaned, public restrooms to sanitize, and the ticket booth to dust. An experienced team of professionals will handle all of these chores and more. A skilled company knows that all areas of a theater need to be cleaned to increase employee productivity as well as making a great impression on the customers.

Attention to Detail Matters

It’s not just about getting popcorn off the floor. There are windows to polish in the front areas, armrests that should be sanitized and various nooks and crannies that must be dusted to improve indoor air quality. Choose a company that focuses on attention to detail and can provide you with the high-quality work you need.

The crew at 1st Class Cleaning is highly trained and committed to excellence. We appreciate the importance of keeping a business clean and know that it’s particularly important for a theater that’s trying to attract new shows and customers. Choose a company that pays attention to the details to ensure that your theater looks great throughout the building. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning service and ensure that your theater is ready for the next big hit.

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