Cleaning Service NY

When it comes time to fine a cleaning service, New York has plenty of choices to offer. Whether the need is commercial or residential, NYC has them all.

Trying to find a cleaning service in your budget is not always an easy task. Doing that will require some time, research and sometimes a little help from a friend.

Looking for a New York cleaning service that will fill your commercial requirements will depend on the size of your business. If your company is a large corporation, obviously a little “mom and pop” cleaning company just won’t be able to do the job. Larger cleaning services with many employees would be able to do the job more easily than medium size companies.

Negotiating a contract is much easier with larger companies because of the ability to get discounts, based on the volume of business being generated. When there are a large number of sites to be serviced, and there are quite a few services being provided—cleaning service options become a bit more flexible. There are two reasons for the flexibility—to attract and keep customers, as well as beat out the competition.

Smaller commercial cleaning services in New York work in a similar manner to the large ones, but the list of services that they provide is slightly different than the big guys. While large cleaning services may provide a few extras, such as outside window cleaning, and small cleaning services may not. Due to the lack of employees and the larger liability insurance policies needed—which in turn raise prices for their services—small cleaning services cut out some of the extras that the larger companies offer.
When hiring a cleaning service, New York businesses should be prepared with a list of all their needs. Do they only want bathrooms done—or everything? Will the services be required every day, several days a week—or some other time frame?

There is yet one other type of cleaning service that can be found in New York—the residential service. These services will provide many homeowners with the relief from the mundane chores that they just cannot stand doing. Residential cleaning companies provide homeowners with employees that are neat and clean looking, but who know how to properly clean a home from top to bottom.

When finding a residential cleaning service, New York homeowners have a wide variety of options. Asking their friends for recommendations about local companies is a good start. Homeowners must know what they want to be done in their own homes, and what to do to help out as well. Picking the toys up off the floor for example, so that the cleaning service can sweep, is a good example.

Something else for homeowners to consider are the prices. Do they want rock-bottom prices, and possibly not the best work? Asking around will tell them about the reputations of services versus their prices, and point them in the right direction.

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