Cleaning Products and the Dangers They Pose

You count on cleaning products to make your home fresh and welcoming. You rely on them to make sure your porcelain shines and glass is streak-free. When stains are marring your beautiful home, you turn to chemicals to remove them and restore the gorgeous look. However, the same cleaners you are relying on could be making your family sick. It’s one of the reasons green cleaning options are becoming so popular. Here are a few of the cleaners that can be harmful to your family and your pets.

Carpet Shampoo with Perchloretyhlene

This chemical is ideal for removing stains from upholstery and other fabrics, but it’s also a known carcinogen. It harms the liver, kidneys and nervous system. These cleaners also commonly contain ammonium hydroxide. Designed to remove the residual red wine from your carpet, this corrosive ingredient is harmful to your eyes, skin and airways. It’s the reason using these chemicals makes it painful to breathe, and it’s why you should always use them in well-ventilated areas.

Chlorine was Once Used in Chemical Warfare

It’s the active ingredient in bleach, and it does a great job of brightening whites in the laundry. Unfortunately, it’s also corrosive. It’s so harmful that scientists make sure they don protective gloves, facemasks and ventilators before working with it. Found in many cleaners, dishwasher detergents and laundry soaps, the danger increases when the fumes are heated as they would be in a warm shower. If you are using a cleaner with bleach, you should use protection and make sure your space is ventilated.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners Contain Hypochlorite Bleach

A particularly corrosive form of bleach, this ingredient is what leaves your toilet bowl shining and free of stains. While it’s excellent as a stain remover, it can also cause serious health problems if accidentally ingested. From pulmonary edema and vomiting to coma, this cleaner is one of the more dangerous ones around. Allowing it to come in contact with other cleaners can result in potentially deadly fumes. Always use these cleaners according to directions, and open a window or run the exhaust fan in the room to improve ventilation.

Oven Cleaners with Lye and Ammonia

That baked on food in the oven won’t budge, but the oven cleaner from your grocery store dissolves it with ease. The fact that it works so well at removing burnt food that resists all other cleaners speaks volumes. The chemicals in oven cleaner will literally eat your skin, and the lingering fumes will leave you gagging. There are better options for cleaning your oven. You can wipe it down after every use, or you can try using sea salt mixed with baking soda. Another option is to call in the professionals and let them handle the caustic cleaning agents.

There is no doubt that household cleaning agents are dangerous, and the warning signs on their packaging confirm this fact. The problem with using protecting equipment and ventilating the workspace is that you may not own the right gloves and respirator, and you probably don’t want to take the time to open windows or run fans. However, the professionals are well prepared for dealing with these cleaners. They have the safety equipment and the training to handle them safely. They also have safe green cleaning products that are safe for everyone. Whether you want to avoid the hidden dangers of these toxic cleaning materials or just don’t have time to clean, consider the benefits of hiring a team like 1st Class Cleaning of New York to help you clean your home. Their skilled professionals can safely clean your home, so you can avoid the fumes. They also offer green cleaning products that everyone can feel good about using.

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