Cleaning Out Your Closet? Tips to Make It Easier

Cleaning Out Your Closet? Tips to Make It EasierCleaning out the closet can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to take the entire day. Once the closet has been cleared of junk and purged of items you no longer want, you’ll have more space for the things you really love. If you’ve been dreading doing this chore despite the rewards waiting for you, here are some tips to make it easier.

Get the Donations Box

Whether you love giving to a charity or you have a friend who can use the unwanted items, it’s easier to let things go when you know there’s a good cause waiting. Get your donations box ready to accept the items that you no longer need, love or want. A good rule of thumb is that things you haven’t used or looked for in a year or longer can generally go in the donations box. If you’re giving to a qualified charity, then keep track of what you put in for the tax write-off. When the box is full, close it up and put it in the trunk of your car to drop off when you go out again.

Take Everything Out for Better Cleaning

You may dread the idea of completely emptying a closet, but it really is the best way to see what you have, make disposal decisions and then clean the space. Some things will wind up being thrown out because they’re expired or in poor condition. Others will be donated, and you’re sure to find items that belong in another room. Put these items in separate boxes. The items that are going back into the closet at the end can go on the bed, counter or a folding table.

Scrub the Shelves

This is the time to give the closet a quick cleaning. With everything out of the way, it will only take a few minutes to dust shelves and vacuum the carpet. Putting your treasures back into a clean closet will feel far more rewarding than looking at dust bunnies as you work.

Get Organized

You can now easily view what needs to go back into the closet and what your available space is. This is the time to start thinking about better organization. Stacking plastic bins and decorative baskets are great for organizing small items and making the closet easier to access in the future. Put your new organizational system into place so the closet will look incredible when it’s all put back together. As you’re putting items back in place, consider how often you need them and try to make the space more functional.

Cleaning a closet doesn’t have to be an all-day endeavor. If you purge items and get it organized at the end, your next closet cleaning day will go much faster. If you just don’t have the time or desire to deal with this chore, then you can all in the professionals. The cleaning team at 1st Class Cleaning offers this unique service to provide you with more storage space and help you make the most of your closets. Contact us online or call directly at (800) 309-7881 to learn more or schedule a cleaning.

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