Cleaning Issues You Only Run into During Winter

Cleaning issues you only experience in winterThe winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It comes with a host of festive events and in many states, the side effects of heavy snowfall. Whether it’s inside or outside your home, there’ll always be something for you to clean up, so don’t wait for spring to do the following.

Cleaning Your Dehumidifier

Since winter is a dryer month, you’ll most likely be using your dehumidifier more often, meaning it has to be cleaned more than usual. Although it’s not exactly the most entertaining chore to get done, it’s recommended to clean your dehumidifier after at least two months of using it.

If you wait too long, the moist areas of the device could host mold and an array of bacteria that can eventually lead to health problems. To clean, you should follow the instructions listed on the user manual or the manufacturer’s site, since different dehumidifiers will come with their own set of cleaning procedures.

Cleaning the Chimney

It might not be visible to the naked eye, but the air that’s always flowing around your home is affected by different areas of your house, one of which is your fireplace. The cleanliness of your chimney greatly affects how clean the air circulation of your home is, which is why you have to clean your chimney on a regular basis—especially in the winter when you use it most.

The first step to take is having your chimney checked by a professional inspector to make sure all of its parts are working properly. If you notice any leaks or odors from your chimney, you should let the inspector know prior to checking the fireplace. There should be no signs of rust or deterioration, either.

Make sure to leave the damper of your chimney closed when you’re not using it. Leaving the damper open can result in cooler air entering your home, and will ultimately cause you to spend more on your heating system in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Cleaning the Yard and Patio 

The wintertime is certainly not the only time to clean the yard and patio, but the job is done differently during the winter. Branches around your home should be trimmed in order to avoid having issues with getting iced-over or blown by the wind and damaging your property and/or causing power outages.

In addition, you should prep your lawn by using winter-friendly fertilizer that’ll promote plant growth in time for the spring season. Along with prepping the grounds, you should prep objects to avoid damage. That includes cleaning your patio furniture and storing it indoors, and also removing everything from hoses, pots, and other delicate items that can be susceptible to getting damaged.

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