Anti-Allergy Sofa Cleaning NY

Your day may be overrun with work, family, activities, traffic, you name it.  Even light days can be heavier than you would like.  If every hour of your day is booked, you probably don’t have time to clean up around the house or office.  A house cleaning service can take care of all of your cleaning needs.  You don’t have to have anxiety about the state of your apartment or house.

Not having time to clean can cause you to neglect your furniture.  Furniture is the most used and underappreciated element in many homes.  Sometimes it is easy to take your bed, dining room table and sofa for granted.  When it comes to cleaning, these objects need just as much attention as the kitchen and bathroom.


If you use your sofa for sleeping every night, this can take a toll on the visual appeal of the sofa.  When you use a sofa for sleeping, dead skin cells and other particles can collect and aggravate your allergies and sinuses.  Friends and family that come to visit may need to sleep on your sofa as well. A New York anti-allergy sofa cleaning service can clean your sofa and keep allergens at bay to reduce your risk of irritation.

Dust and Dander

Dust can seem to come from nowhere.  Whether you know it or not, your sofa is a landing spot for dust every minute.  Dust in your home is usually derived from paper and textile fibers, hair and plant pollen. Pets also contribute to dust particles on your sofa.  Pets shed their hair and can bring in dander and dirt on their paws from the outdoors.  Pets that encourage an allergic reaction can make your sofa an unpleasant place for you to relax.


Children can be rambunctious and messy.  You never know what they are getting into.  You can only hope that they don’t touch things that are dirty and then deposit this dirt onto your sofa.  Having multiple children raises the probability of having a dirty sofa.  Children and adults enjoy sitting on sofas while watching television, movies, playing video games and talking on the phone.  Ensure that your children have a sanitary place to sit by hiring a cleaning service that knows how to remove allergens from your sofa.

Having an allergy means that you have a disorder of the immune system.  Allergic reactions are uncomfortable and even deadly.  Some symptoms of allergies include runny nose, swelling, sneezing, coughing and itchiness.  Instead of depending on anti-histamines and other oral medications, try a cleaning service that can reduce the presence of allergens in your home and especially on your sofa.

A company like 1st Class Cleaning only uses green cleaning products that are completely eco-friendly.  By using green products, 1st Class Cleaning ensures that harmful toxins are not used or inhaled in your home.  Being environmentally responsible means using cleaning agents that will not exacerbate allergy symptoms and provide a better quality of cleaning than traditional cleaning products.  To learn more about anti-allergy sofa cleaning in New York, visit

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