Cleaning During Pregnancy: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

pregnancy-and-cleaningMany cleaning products are filled with dangerous chemicals. While they may not be too bad for most people, they can cause serious problems for pregnant women and their unborn children. You cannot let your house become filthy while you’re pregnant, so you are still going to clean. Fortunately, there are ways to clean safely and protect your child. Here are a few cleaning tips for expectant mothers.

What You Should Do

• Go Green – Your kitchen is filled with natural cleaners that are effective and safe. Leave the heavy chemicals on the store shelves and reach for these natural solutions. If you aren’t in the mood to make your own cleaners, then buy green cleaning supplies from companies like Method.

• Get the Family to Help – If you have older kids, enlist their help. Your partner can also step up to help with the cleaning chores during this time. It’s better for your health, and you might even be able to sneak a nap while your partner scrubs the bathroom.

• Do a Little at a Time – You don’t have as much energy right now, so marathon cleaning sessions are out. Rather than doing all of your cleaning on the weekend, spread it out over the week. It will be less tiring and that’s better for both you and the baby.

• Increase the Ventilation – Move more air through the room to remove fumes and protect your health. Even if you are working with natural cleaners, it’s still a good idea to crack a window and make sure you aren’t inhaling too much vinegar.

• Read the Label – Your favorite cleaners may have serious warnings that you never noticed. Even if you have used a product for years, flip it over and read the label. You just may be surprised by what you find.

Things to Avoid

• Litter Box – If you have a cat, get someone else to change the litter. As you change the litter, dust is kicked up. Inhaling that dust can result in toxoplasmosis and birth defects. You don’t have to surrender your kitty, but you should definitely turn this chore over to another family member or even a friend until baby is delivered.

• Oven Cleaners – You probably don’t feel like dealing with the oven, anyway. The fumes from these cleaners are dangerous, and it’s just a tight space to work with. The larger your belly grows, the more difficult cleaning the oven becomes. Convince your partner to scrub the oven, or just hire a cleaning team to come in and do it for you.

• Essential Oils – Essential oils are great for cleaning, but they can be absorbed through the skin. Your baby won’t appreciate that, so it’s better to just avoid them.

• Mixing Chemicals – This is a bad idea even when you aren’t pregnant.

• Lifting Too Much – You’re cleaning, nesting, and getting ready for the new arrival. Protect your baby and your back by avoiding heavy lifting. If you have two floors, either buy a second vacuum or let someone else haul the machine between floors. You’re going to need a healthy back to chase after the baby later, so protect it now.

It’s important for you to maintain a clean home while pregnant, but it’s more important to protect your health and your baby’s. It may be better to let a cleaning company take care of these chores, so you can focus on getting ready for your new bundle of joy. Visit 1st Class Cleaning to set up personalized cleaning services, and then you can spend more time resting and planning instead of cleaning.

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