Cleaning Company Specialized in Pet Odor and Stains Removal

Cleaning Company Specialized in Pet Odor and Stains RemovalCleaning Company Specialized in Pet Odor and Stains Removal

Looks like it happened again. Despite numerous walks, hours of training, and even his own personal crate, Fido has once again soiled your 3,000 dollar oriental rug. You always knew you wanted a dog, but is it really worth the cleanup?

Yes, it is worth the cleanup, because pets are amazing; they are a part of your family, a vital key to your pursuit of happiness. We understand that the cleanup can be aggravating, which is why 1st Class Cleaning is here to solve all your dirty pet problems.

The Struggle

Owning a pet can often be a hassle. Feeding, walking, grooming, and any extra maintenance or attention can add up, providing a constant drain on your time and your wallet. If you are not prepared for the commitment associated with owning a pet, the whole arrangement will be unfair to both you and the animal.

Instead of worrying about the difficulties, you should focus on the benefits of pet ownership, such as the relaxation and comfort the pet will provide. These benefits will be easier to focus on when you don’t have to worry about the mess your animal makes! Whether it is the discoloration of your carpet, the stains on your wood floors, or the hair and stink coating your couches, 1st Class Cleaning can lighten the load of cleaning up your furry friend’s mess.

Prepare for the Party

Nothing kills the mood like a home that reeks of animal scent. Even if your pet has achieved an appropriate level of continence, the sweat, hair, dandruff, and other shed off your animal creates will produce an overwhelming odor, one that must be controlled. Don’t risk receiving negative R.S.V.P.’s due to your aromatic apartment; visitors should feel comfortable and welcome in your home, and cleaning up after your pet is an easy way to create that feeling.

Smells aren’t the only turn off for potential visitors; allergies can pose an insurmountable obstacle to your friends and family. Pet allergies, which stem from the dandruff emitted by your cat or dog (or other), are one of the most common types of allergies in the populace. If your animal’s shedding has turned your home into a sneeze trap, it is important to get that mess cleaned up before any visitors arrive.

Frequent Fresh Scent

Cleaning up the odors and stains from your animal will not only remove negative associations from your home, it will create positive ones. A clean home can provide a sense of relaxation, removing unnecessary stress from your life. Walking into your home after a long day at work to be greeted by a clean and organized space will increase your day to day satisfaction exponentially. When you add in your dog springing towards the door to greet you, or your cat curling up on your lap to cuddle, you will feel like you can take on anything the world throws at you.

Clean with Style

If you want help turning your apartment or house into a beautiful looking, fresh smelling abode, contact 1st Class Cleaning NYC. Our experienced and professional staff know how to make even the dirtiest apartments look brand new. No matter how many pets you have, we can clean your house so well that no one will even know you have them.

Contact us today to schedule a one-time cleaning or to set up a schedule for regular appointments. We can be reached through the form on our Contact Us page or by phone at (800) 309-7881.

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