Cleaning Company for Scholastic Event Service in NYC

scholasticWhether you are scheduling an elegant afternoon luncheon for charity or hosting a large-scale conference for your corporation, Scholastic Event Services in Lower Manhattan has the right venue for you. They serve some of the best cuisine, offer state-of-the-art technology, and provide an upscale setting that work toward making your event a success. However, when considering all there is to plan and coordinate before the event, who will have time to think about cleaning the venue, let alone actually make sure it happens? With so many preparations to consider, check one off the list by hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of the details for you.

Prepare All Areas

There are many areas of this venue available. From the auditorium to waiting rooms, dining halls and casual seating areas, you have several venues to choose from. It’s important to make sure that all areas your guests will enjoy are completely clean. In addition to the main entertainment areas, this also includes hallways, entrances, restrooms and more. Hire a team that will clean all of these areas, so you can rest assured that your guests will be greeted by a sparkling clean venue.

Full Services Required

When preparing for a major event, you want to make sure that the carpets are vacuumed and floors are polished. So often the quality and class of an event is affected by the cleanliness of the venue where it is being hosted. An experienced company will dust light fixtures, clean window interiors, polish mirrors and wipe off the furniture. They will leave no stone unturned as they clean and prepare your venue for the gathering.

Last Minute Touches

The Scholastic Event Center takes pride in providing you with a clean venue, but that can change as you prepare for the party. Between adding decorations and personal touches and having your team setting up the area, you can wind up with mud on the carpet and fingerprints on the mirrors before the guests arrive. A cleaning team will come in right before the event to take care of last minute cleaning. Your venue will be as clean as it is elegant.

After the Party

Scholastic event services provides you with a clean facility, and they expect that it will be returned in the same condition. Trying to clean up after a large gathering can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. There is always a great deal of trash to dispose of, floors to mop and furniture to clean. Bring in your own professional team to take care of the cleaning will help you receive a full refund of your deposit. The professionals will move furniture to vacuum, sweep the restroom, polish the mirrors again and ensure that the venue is clean. When you rent venues in the Scholastic building, ensure a successful gathering by hiring your own cleaning service. A professional cleaning team will help you prepare for the event to ensure that the venue is ready for guests and will make the right impression. After the party, have a cleaning service come in to clean the venue and return it to original condition. While 1st Class Cleaning does not have a contract with Scholastic Event Services, we are happy to handle all of your cleaning needs when you rent this elegant venue.

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