Cleaning and Revamping Your Home for the Holidays, New York Style

HFOzeOQtGetting your house clean for the holidays is a must, especially when you’re having guests over. But just as living in a busy city has its set of advantages, it also fosters some disadvantages.

New York definitely falls in that category as it offers an eclectic lifestyle and a substantial dose of the holiday cheer. Yet, there are still those elements that can get your home dirty pretty quickly.

With a hectic schedule, who has the time or energy to clean everything up and get ready for the season all at once? Well, the following tips can help save you the anxiety of getting everything ready right in the nick of time.

Create a Plan of Action

The best way to tackle tasks is by creating your very own household care strategy. Firstly, you should make a plan to de-clutter your home and organize it. This should be done as early as possible since cleaning a disorganized home will just take longer to do and you still won’t get the best results.

Separate your plan by holiday:

  • Prepare your food menu. Clear out your kitchen to make enough space to cook and prepare feasts.
  • Get a proper head-count of the number of guests coming over your place. Doing this ahead of time will help you organize how much chair and table space you’ll need.
  • Check the weather to see if you can prepare an outdoor setting for the festivities.
  • Create a giftwrapping station to keep all your giftwrap tools and presents in one place.

Take Baby Steps

Implementing your action plan on a week-by-week basis will make your life much easier. Start with different rooms of your home to organize your spaces.

  1. Get rid of any paper clutter in your office. Create a gift list so you can draft a holiday budget and a savings plan.
  1. Prepare your guest bedroom. Doing this early will help you care for necessities such as placing extra towels or replacing a burnt light bulb.
  1. Move on to your children’s rooms and organize all their belongings, using ways to increase their bedroom space, through the use of extra storage tools.
  1. Clean up your family room(s)/living room(s), while preparing your holiday decorations and chimney. Deep clean the areas in which you’ll host your guests (including your furniture), while making space for holiday décor.
  1. Clean and remove all clutter from your entryways. Create enough space in your coat closets.
  1. Move on to the bathrooms and all other small spaces you might have missed. Throw in the essentials including an air freshener to stabilize the smell of the meals.
  1. Deep clean your dining area before moving into deep-cleaning the kitchen, remembering to set the table(s) before guests arrive.

The day of the celebration you’ll be all set, with just the details of preparing your menu and cleaning your cooking area a final time.

Enjoy the Merriments!

Staying organized isn’t always easy, and with a busy season comes the customary sentiment of feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully there’s a solution. 1st Class Cleaning has been cleaning homes in New York to prep for the holidays for quite some time.

Contact 1st Class Cleaning today to fully enjoy a squeaky-clean home. You’ll have all the time in the world to prepare the feasts and decorate in time to toast to happy returns with your guests.

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