Chores You Should Leave to the Professionals

For many thrifty Americans, the idea of outsourcing chores is a preposterous one! With money so tight these days, pinching every penny helps. However, new research has proven that outsourcing your chores can lead to higher productivity, and even a savings in cash. There are some chores you should just leave to the professionals. Some tasks, like oven cleaning, bleaching, and deep cleaning of grout and tile involve dangerous chemicals, and it is not only safer, but more economically sensible to leave these to trained cleaning services.

Many people hire a personal assistant or housecleaner to help organize their life. For many hard working professionals, an organized pantry is a thing of the past, and chores and bills pile up as they work 60 hour work weeks. The additional cash you earn from even one long night at the office can help pay someone to help you around the home. Do you remember what a clean countertop looks like? Or what the kitchen looks like when dishes are done? Is hiring a professional beginning to sound more exciting? If a full time housekeeping staff is not in your budget, consider cleaning services on a smaller scale. You can have someone come in once or twice a week to scrub toilets, bathtubs and sinks. This won’t be very expensive, and you can save money by not purchasing a lot of specialized cleaning products. In addition, you can prevent big repairs and remodeling later down the line, by ensuring that your tiles and grouts are being maintained and cleaned regularly.

Another factor is that many people now live alone, or work alternating hours than their spouses and roommates. It’s important that you never use harsh chemicals, or work on ladders and footstools while alone in your home. There’s a big risk that you will fall, or accidentally inhale toxic substances. A professional cleaning service will have all the tools required, as well as all the safety equipment to do these jobs properly. They will carry things like gloves, air filtering masks, and safe cleaning agents that will keep your living area safe for you and for pets.

Before you hire professional help, consider these tips:

  1. Outsource the chores that you hate. If a certain chore zaps your energy and leaves you in a bad mood, that should be the first to go.
  2. Put a price on how much your time costs

    You should calculate how much it costs to pay someone for something. If it is less then you earn per hour, your time could better be spent working, and a professional should be hired.

  3. Prioritize your money habits
  4. If it is important to you to be able to afford to have your house cleaned, even in a tight budget, you can make it fly by cutting out other activities like eating out or going to the movies.

  5. Evaluate your knowledge of cleaning products. If you’re not chemistry major, it’s best to leave anything with strong chemicals to a professional.

    With these simple tips you are well on your way to hiring the right professional to handle your chores.

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