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Hire Professional Maids in NY

At 1st Class Cleaning, professionalism and dependability are the highest priorities. We make it simple to hire professional maids in NY and the surrounding area. We offer our clients flexible scheduling, a custom-designed maid service, and unbeatable pricing. It’s no wonder our company is one of the most recognized home cleaning operations in the region.

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Professional Maids in the Big Apple

When you want to enjoy a house that is always clean and ready for company, trust the services of professional maids in the Big Apple. Providing quality services that will delight you, they will handle the window scrubbing, floor vacuuming and wood polishing chores you despise. Spend your free time doing something you really enjoy, and let an experienced team handle the other items.

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Maids For Hire In Manhattan

Maids for Hite in ManhattanSome of us love our professions, our families and our homes, but hate cleaning. 1st Class Cleaning is a certified cleaning service in the Manhattan and New York area furnishing maids for hire, janitorial services and cleaning services according to your needs. In addition, the cleaning and maid service is green, using only those products that are safe and natural in your home. Green cleaning and maid services are healthier and safer for your home and family, and do not cost more than the traditional cleaning and maid services.

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Maid Service New York

New York is like a large sampler at Thanksgiving, which makes it much easier to find what you want. This is true as well when it comes to finding maids to do your cleaning.

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Flooring Steaming Services in Astoria NY

Flooring Steaming Services in Astoria NYHomeowners may be aware of the benefits of cleaning carpet with the power of steam, but they are often unaware that other flooring types benefit from this cleaning technique as well. Vinyl, composite, ceramic tiles and wood can all be cleaned with the right steaming equipment. Flooring steaming services in Astoria, NY are the best way to remove old stains and stubborn dirt that won’t come up with vacuuming or mopping. Regular visits from a flooring steaming service can keep your new carpet or tile looking like new for years of heavy use.

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Maid Services Corona NY, 11368

maid services coronaOur homes are a reflection of ourselves. No matter how large or small our living areas are, they are meant to provide sanctuary from the outside world. Living in a chaotic environment can cause additional stress. Most adults have numerous commitments that keep them busy throughout the week. When it is time to relax after work or on weekends, the house may be too dirty. A dirty house can make it challenging to simply unwind from the problems faced outside of the home. 1st Class Cleaning is available to help keep all areas of the home cleaner.

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Maid Services Howard Beach NY, 11414

Hiring a maid for general housecleaning and laundry may seem like an expensive idea but in fact the service is very affordable. Howard Beach residents can rely on 1st Class Cleaning for a dependable, expert maid. Our staff of highly qualified workers will keep the home spotless and perform above and beyond expectations. Whether the customer needs room cleaning, kitchen upkeep or total laundry service our maids are ready to complete the job.

Expect First Rate Service From Day One

Our maids are dispatched directly to Howard Beach residences at the exact time the customer wishes. Our field personnel are equipped with all of the cleaning products, wipes, brushes, towels and other tools required for complete home service. A custom schedule can be set up where certain duties are performed only on a particular visit. If the customer desires an ongoing contract the same maid can be scheduled for repeat service. This means familiarity with the routine and a personal touch because the maid has a commitment to reliable work each and every visit.

Bathrooms, Kitchens And Carpet

Our maid service handles all of the vacuuming, dusting, polishing and window washing duties. The bathroom will receive special attention. Faucets and other fixtures will be polished and the sinks will be thoroughly scrubbed. Toilets are always 100 percent sanitized and all mildew growth, mold or lime deposit is quickly dealt with.

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Maid Services Rockaway Park NY, 11694

Maid Services Rockaway ParkAt 1st Class Cleaning we understand that busy Rockaway Park residents have little time to maintain a clean, healthy home. Trying to schedule basic duties such as carpet cleaning, laundry, collection of recyclable materials and sanitizing the bathroom can be frustrating. We have one of the most respected maid services in the New York City area and can make your life a little less hectic. For an affordable cost one of our professional housemaids will have the home sparkling clean, the laundry washed, dried and folded, and the kitchen completely disinfected and sanitized.

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Brooklyn Maid Service in NY, 11201

Brooklyn Maid ServiceHiring a Brooklyn NY,11201 Maid Service can help those with heavy work schedules and family obligations. Keeping the family home in sparkling condition can be difficult with a full time job and managing the activities of the family. A maid service can provide a thorough cleaning throughout the home without disrupting your daily routine. When you select residential maid service from 1st Class Cleaning, you are choosing the type of cleaning service that will best meets your needs.

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Maid Service Queens

As a resident of Queens you’ve surely come across quite a few maid services promising to do exactly what you need done precisely how you want it done and in a timely fashion. Frankly, you’ve heard it all before. You hire a maid service, they show up on time (sometimes), they do the job that is required (sometimes), they gain your trust and then somehow or another they eventually let you down. After a few visits to your home or business it appears the work begins to slack. Corners are left untouched, it seems the extra care once taken falls by the wayside and you’re left to pick up the pieces. Who wants to deal with that? Not you, that’s for sure.

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Commercial Maid Services in Manhattan

Finding a commercial maid service can be a difficult process.  Once you narrow it down to your local neighborhood, there can often still be a number of companies all claiming to be the best at what they do.  So, what can you expect out of a basic cleaning from a commercial maid service, and how do you choose from the bunch?

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Maid Service NY

When it comes to finding a maid service, NY is the place to be. Many regions have maid services available for hire, both small and large, but New York has a plethora of service options.

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Cleaning Service NY

When it comes time to fine a cleaning service, New York has plenty of choices to offer. Whether the need is commercial or residential, NYC has them all.

Trying to find a cleaning service in your budget is not always an easy task. Doing that will require some time, research and sometimes a little help from a friend.

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Maid Services in NYC and Long Island

It was once understood that maid services were reserved for the wealthy and those living in ostentatiously large houses, but in today’s world, just about any homeowner can utilize a maid service. A busy professional will often find it near impossible to maintain a clean home, and even a stay at home parent may find themselves overwhelmed with the more difficult and deeper cleaning tasks when dealing with household and family errands and routines. Maid services in New York City and even in nearby places like Long Island are now being used frequently to fill in that cleaning hole.

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