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A New York Cleaning Company That Uses Green Products

ecoWhen you have to clean your place, a lot more has to be taken into account than simply the act of cleaning it.  Half the battle is over what you’re using to do so.  Even if you remove every last molecule of dirt and grime from your house, using an unsafe cleaner may make the situation even worse.  Fumes and chemicals from cleaners you use may make the house at best undesirable to be in and, at worst, unsafe.To this end, we at 1st Class Cleaning are proud to declare that we exclusively use green products whenever we do any service, for our environment and for our valued customers.

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Professional Eco Friendly Cleaning Services in New York

eco-friendlyGrowing research is showing that green cleaning products and methods are the best choice. They are safer for people and animals that are in the house, and they are better for the environment. In addition to choosing green cleaning products in your own home, it’s also wise to invest in eco-friendly cleaning companies like 1st Class Cleaning of New York City. When you embrace green cleaning, your indoor air quality will improve, and you will feel great knowing you are doing your part to protect the planet.

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Cleaning Service for Manhattan Apartment

Cleaning Service for Manhattan ApartmentKeeping your Manhattan Apartment clean and tidy can be challenging if you have a busy career or a full social life. Finding the time for sweeping and wiping down the counter tops is hard for most residents of the city. A professional cleaning service for Manhattan apartment care can turn your messy home into a spotless and comforting escape. Cleaners are also immensely helpful for a good cleaning before you move into a new apartment. They can also help you get your deposit back by scrubbing every inch of an apartment before you move out. Choosing the right service is the key to getting great service.
Range of Services
Look for a company that offers a wide range of services. Most cleaning companies can handle the basic routine chores like sweeping, dusting and scrubbing toilets or sinks. Ensure that any service you consider will handle the chores you need the most. Some companies won’t handle laundry or changing bed linens. The team should also be capable of doing deep cleaning like shampooing the carpets or removing stains from grout. This ensures your Manhattan apartment will always look its best. If you have allergies or shedding pets find a cleaning service that offers special cleaning techniques to help with these challenges.

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Green Cleaning Services Manhattan

Being green doesn’t just mean that you recycle.  Being green involves your entire lifestyle.  It encompasses what you eat, drive and do.  Your carbon footprint should be as small as possible.  To impact the world in a more positive way, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service that makes it a priority to be environmentally responsible.  By utilizing products and techniques that are green, you can ensure that cleaning your house doesn’t harm the environment.  Green products can also reduce the effects of common household allergens and reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

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Go Green!

Many of us suffer from allergies and cannot use cleaning products that contain too many chemicals. For example Clorox, Lysol, Windex, or Ajax these are all cleaning products that many are allergic to and that are dangerous to have around children and the strong smell that they have can be damaging if children were to inhale it. The good news is that there are new cleaning products that are organic and their smell is pleasant and healthy at same time. These new organic cleaning products are known as Method products.

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