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Green Cleaning Trends in New York 2016

Green Cleaning Trends in New York 2016If you live in or have visited New York, then you’ve gotten a firsthand look at the fast-paced lifestyle and where its nickname, The City That Never Sleeps, came from. With the advancements in technology and growing population comes the rise in pollution and its negative effects on society and the environment.

Green Cleaning Trends in New York 2016
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Simple Steps for Going Green in Manhattan

SKYLINE 2In the city that never sleeps, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of enhancing your daily routines to help secure the environment. Seeing as how all highly populated cities tend to use a considerable amount of the world’s energy and natural resources, those of us who inhabit such cities, should take on eco-friendly lifestyles.

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Green Cleaning: How to Detoxify Your Home

Green Cleaning: How to Detoxify Your HomeSometimes we’re so focused on eating healthy that we forget about living healthy. We watch what goes into our mouths to make sure we’re not ingesting unnecessary chemicals, but forget to keep tabs on what we bring into our homes.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Cleaning With Vinegar

ultimate guide to cleaning with vinegarWe’ve all see the Pinterest posts glorifying the virtues of cleaning with vinegar and talked to friends who insist on using all-natural cleaners, but does it actually work? Is it really safe? And for pete’s sake, when should you use it? When shouldn’t you use it? It’s time to hash everything out once and for all so you can clean your home safely, confidently and cost effectively!

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Easy Green Cleaning Products You Can Make at Home

Green Cleaning CompanyIf you’re concerned about how the cleaning chemicals you use affect the environment, we’ll tell you that you have a right to be concerned. Many of the products we use to eliminate dirt and germs are also harming our water and air. The chemicals in many of these cleaners are common pollutants that contribute to smog, reduce the quality of our drinking water and are toxic to animals. This is especially concerning if you have children and pets in your home. If it harms animals once it has left the house, what is it doing to the ones living inside it?

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Industrial Cleaners that are Safe for the Environment

Industrial Cleaners that are Safe for the EnvironmentGreen cleaning isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also great for your family and general health. Toxic chemicals that come with warnings about inhaling the product often have fumes that can damage your air passageways and give you a headache. Some are caustic to your skin, and they can also damage your eyes if you should accidentally splash some onto your face. There was a time when people scoffed at green cleaners and said they wouldn’t work, but the truth is that people have been using various green cleaners for generations. The companies that offer industrialized cleaners have been a little slow to embrace the change, but they’re now responding to public demand and offering cleaners that are safe and effective.

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Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services in New York

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services in New YorkEco-Friendly House Cleaning Services in New York

On a planet as beautiful as ours, nothing beats the feeling of fresh air, clear skies, and clean water. Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a choice, it’s an obligation; we are the custodians of Earth, and every person’s impact can make a difference. Changing daily habits and consumption could have major effects down the road, despite being hard to gauge now.

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A New York Cleaning Company That Uses Green Products

ecoWhen you have to clean your place, a lot more has to be taken into account than simply the act of cleaning it.  Half the battle is over what you’re using to do so.  Even if you remove every last molecule of dirt and grime from your house, using an unsafe cleaner may make the situation even worse.  Fumes and chemicals from cleaners you use may make the house at best undesirable to be in and, at worst, unsafe.To this end, we at 1st Class Cleaning are proud to declare that we exclusively use green products whenever we do any service, for our environment and for our valued customers.

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Why Is It Important To Use Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning productsWhy Is It Important To Use Green Cleaning Products are readily available at the grocery store. You can even clip coupons for both Method and Seventh Generation items to make them more affordable. Traditional cleaning companies like Clorox are also coming out with eco-friendly lines. You may have wondered if it’s worth the extra effort to go green with cleaning. The answer is a resounding yes.

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Green Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company is no small decision. There is an inherent level of trust – letting the cleaners into a home or business, giving them keys and access is just the beginning though. In many ways, cleaning companies are trusted with the health of families and workers. There are dozens of harsh chemicals that are commonly used by cleaning companies – chemicals that may accidentally get onto eating surfaces and contaminate food, or leave invisible residue on toys young children play with and chew on, to say nothing of hazardous fumes that can linger for days. There is also an even higher danger that these chemicals may leak into the groundwater supply that provides bathing and cooking water. Fortunately, 1st Class Cleaning utilizes “Eco-Friendly Cleaning,” and can be trusted to avoid these dangerous chemicals.

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Green House Cleaning Services

Now more than ever people are concerned with their environment and keeping harsh chemicals out of their home and away from their family’s living space. Finding a cleaning service that only uses environmentally safe cleaners is now easier than ever as the impact of going green is a spreading and growing trend in the world today.

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Green Cleaning Tips that Save Money

Green Cleaning Tips that Save MoneyYou can keep the porcelain and tile in your bathrooms and kitchens spotless and hygienic with easy to find, everyday, natural cleansers. Try sprinkling baking soda on the soiled area and then moisten a sponge or cloth to scrub the dirt away. If you have tougher dirt and grime, you can sprinkle on some kosher salt, apply some pressure and the dirt is gone.

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Green Cleaning Services

Earth friendly and environmentally safe, green cleaning services are fast becoming the all natural solution for many homes and businesses. The use of cleaning supplies that can contain toxic ingredients and irritants are quickly becoming replaced by cleaners and methods that use only natural and non-toxic products. Green cleaning services is a flourishing industry and is becoming a growing trend not only in the USA, but all over the world.

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Green Building Maintenance Services in the NY Area

green building maintenance services in ny areaBuilding maintenance services in the NY area are a vital part of any apartment building or commercial rental facility. The people who are leasing your property expect that regular maintenance will be done when needed, and a huge part of that involves the regular cleaning of all common areas. This cannot be neglected if you want to maintain a high standard of visual appeal, as well as catching any potential problems as quickly as possible. There are hundreds of companies offering cleaning services, but to truly protect yourself and your company from liabilities green cleaning is the way to go.

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Event Cleaning Services Astoria NY, 11103

Event Cleaning Services AstoriaImagine for just a moment your house on a regular day. Probably laundry that hasn’t been folded, red sauce stuck to the kitchen counter, trash spewing out of the canister, and you have exactly 30 seconds to get out the door to start your day. Naturally the house is the same when you return and you still don’t have time to clean it up before an event because you have to get dinner ready, eat, and leave again in 40 minutes. Now picture your home with knick-knacks in their places, clothes in the closets, dishes in the cabinets, and freshly cleaned surfaces. Do you want your home to go through this transformation before hosting without having to lift a finger? Then you need cleaning services. You deserve cleaning services.

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning NYC

Concern about the environment is an important consideration for many people in New York City today. Most people realize that the environment is fragile, and most people are willing to make sensible accommodations to protect it.

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Eco Cleaning Services Manhattan

For many Manhattan residents, cleaning your home is the last thing on a long to-do list. Once you have finished a busy day of work, headed to the gym or gone to pick up your children, and then made dinner–who has the time or the energy to clean your house or apartment? Thankfully, 1st Class Cleaning is able to clean your home top to bottom efficiently and quickly. However, many of the industrial strength cleaning products that leave your home so clean can also contain chemicals that have a harmful effect on people, pets, and the environment. We clean your home in Manhattan by using eco-friendly products and methods.

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Green Cleaning Services for New York City Churches

Green cleaning in nyc churchesCleanliness is next to Godliness and your congregation wants to walk into a clean church. Keep your church-goers smiling every Sunday by hiring a green cleaning company that will not only keep the pews shining but will also keep the choir singing because they won’t use any harsh, dangerous chemicals.

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Green Cleaning Services Manhattan

Being green doesn’t just mean that you recycle.  Being green involves your entire lifestyle.  It encompasses what you eat, drive and do.  Your carbon footprint should be as small as possible.  To impact the world in a more positive way, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service that makes it a priority to be environmentally responsible.  By utilizing products and techniques that are green, you can ensure that cleaning your house doesn’t harm the environment.  Green products can also reduce the effects of common household allergens and reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

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Green Office Cleaning New York

For green office cleaning, New York offers a lot of options. You can get many different individuals and companies to come and clean your office for you, and the prices really vary from service to service, so you’ll want to consider that. You’ll also want to make sure companies that say they’re green really are. Occasionally, companies and individuals who offer office cleaning won’t really offer the products and services that they claim to. Those that engage in this unethical practice usually charge more for green office cleaning, and New York residents pay it, but the chemicals and supplies used aren’t really green at all. That’s unfortunate for the people who’re paying extra for something that they aren’t really getting, and for the planet that’s being continually polluted by all kinds of chemicals.

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Ways to Clean with Vinegar

Plain white vinegar has long been a popular household cleaner. Today it is growing in popularity because of its economical nature, cleaning power and ‘green’ nature. Most people are aware of the ability of white vinegar to clean windows. Many are not aware of some of the other miraculous cleaning jobs it can do. Vinegar can be used to clean and deodorize drains, remove pet stains and more. Below is a simple guide to some of the toughest cleaning jobs in your home – all made easier by vinegar.

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Ways to Clean With Salt

Between the state of the economy and the drive to go green, cleaning with expensive products that are loaded with potentially dangerous chemicals is becoming a thing of the past. Instead, people are looking for healthier, and less expensive, ways to clean. One of the best ways to do this is with simple salt. That right, table salt – it is useful for a lot more than just flavoring your French fries!  So, grab your salt, a bucket and a few other household ingredients and be prepared to clean everything from red wine to rust stains!

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