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How to Create a Doable Cleaning Schedule for the Entire Family

5 Home Cleaning Tips For KidsHave you been getting a bit overwhelmed with all the housework put out for you lately? If you’re having a rough time juggling work and dealing with other important facets of your regular routines, then you should consider getting the whole family to pitch in on the housekeeping.

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Quick and Easy “DIY” Halloween Décor That Won’t Be a Hassle to Clean Up

halloweenWith the start of the holiday season just around the corner, Halloween can be designated as one of the most fun holidays to decorate for. Most of us sometimes tend to tone down the decorations to avoid the mess that can be caused by all the creativity.

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How to Get Your Family to Help Clean

towels-569139__180It seems that a parent’s work is never done — and that certainly extends to the vacuuming, dusting, and other cleaning practices. If you’re busy with a job or volunteer work, then finding time to clean and polish the home can seem like an impossible task.

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A Teen’s Bedroom: To Clean or Not to Clean?

teen-bedroom11You walk through your home and check to see that everything’s in its place. As you travel down the hallway, you glance into your teen’s room and come to a screeching halt. Uh oh.

In this moment, you have a decision to make. You can either:

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Fun Ways to Use a Chore Chart: Get Your Kids to Help Clean During Summer Vacation

chore chartSummer is here, and you don’t want the kids to be too idle. In addition to taking them on fun outings and encouraging them to play outside, this is also the time to institute a chore chart. While this may seem like drudgery, it doesn’t have to be a major pain for anyone. Here are a few ways you can make the chore chart more fun and ensure that the kids start pitching in more around the house.

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Getting your kids involved with tidiness

In the fast pace of modern life, keeping up with work and family can often make it hard to keep up with the house. When just one person is tasked with food preparation and cleaning, it is often overwhelming. However, there are ways to get your kids involved with tidiness and housecleaning that will not only help save you time and keep your house clean, but will also encourage excellent habits in your kids that will serve them well in their adult life.

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Cleaning Kids’ Mess

Is your child on the messy end of things? Do they constantly have fun in your home, but leave a great big mess behind? Are you trying to find a quick and easy way to help clean your kids mess? While it may seem a daunting task, there are a few simple steps you can take to begin having a clean child and clean home! Cleaning kids messes takes a bit of time and bit of planning, but you will soon be well on your way to having a clean and organized home.

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