Environmentally Friendly Floor Refinishing

When the hardwood floor is dulling, has severe scratches, has worn off the finish to bare wood in high traffic areas, or if you just want to change the color or sheen of the floor, it may be time to sand and finish.

Sanding and Refinishing restores floors to a new condition. Special equipment is needed, since sanding and refinishing is an involved process. It typically takes two to four days to sand, stain, seal the floor and apply multiple coats of finish. Once the final finish coat has been applied, you should wait four to 24 hours before subjecting your floor to light foot traffic, and 72 hours for heavy traffic.

We have the sandless solution to accommodate every budget.

Bona – Dust Free Refinish

Bona’s innovative dust free sander, the Bona Atomic DCS, connects a powerful vacuum motor to sanding equipment. The combination virtually eliminates airborne dust generated while sanding.

  • Virtually eliminates airborne dust, which minimizes clean-up headaches and reduces airborne particulates that can be harmful to your health
  • No dust trapped in air vents or permeating your home
  • No plastic hanging in your home = no timely clean-up
  • No need to vacate the home during the process
  • GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality

For budget conscious projects we offer the Award-winning NO-SANDING technology that’s simple and fast drying

A low cost sandless alternative for older floors that are in need of freshening

Wood-Solv™ “Perfect for tenant turn over and carpet removal”

Half the costs of sanding
24 hr turn around time
Minimal disruption and mess
Lo VOC – No odors

So call for a consultation – It’s free!

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