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Carpet is a very popular flooring material for homes and offices because it gives spaces a unique textural and visual element.  Carpet can brighten a room and add a soft touch.  Unlike other flooring materials like tile, vinyl, and wood, carpet needs to be cleaned a little differently.  Other flooring materials can be less receptive to dirt and dust because of their hard, non-porous exterior.  Carpet is the opposite.  Carpet can be the perfect hideaway for dirt and dust.  Due to the composition of carpet, dirt often settles on the carpet fibers at the top and at the base.  Because of this, you may not really recognize that your carpet is dirty.  The top of your carpet could appear to be clean, while the bottom is a haven for dirt.

Vacuuming isn’t the only way to clean your carpet.  It is effective to a certain point.  Vacuuming has the ability to pick up the loose dirt and particles that are on your carpet, but usually doesn’t do much for spills and dirt that is at the base of the carpet.  If you want your carpet to get a deep, intensive cleaning, you should consider having it steam cleaned as well.  Steam cleaning your carpet helps to clean up spills and stains that have settled in.  Stains from food spills can be very hard to remove, so using steam is a great way to break up the stain particles.  Steam cleaning offers better sanitation.

When you are considering giving your carpet a good clean, it is imperative that you factor in the time and energy that is required to complete this task.  Periodically cleaning your carpet by yourself can become a hassle because it takes up a lot of time and effort.  Carpet needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.  Enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service could you save you time.  When deciding on a cleaning service to clean your carpet, remember to consider the important factors.

A cleaning service that uses green products is the best option.  Green products prevent your home from being in contact with hazardous odors and toxins that hurt the environment when they are produced and used.  When you don’t use green products, there is the potential that you may react poorly to the chemicals in other conventional cleaning products.

You need a cleaning service that will work with your schedule.  For the most part, everyone is busy and has a demanding lifestyle because of work and family.  Others may have a less hectic lifestyle, but lack the ability to keep up with the demands of maintaining a home.  A cleaning service that can accommodate your schedule will make the process of having your home cleaned more convenient.

A company that is bonded and insured will prevent you from being liable for damage to your property and injury on your property.

1st Class Cleaning offers carpet cleaning services that are well suited for people with different lifestyle, budgets, and needs.  Visit today to learn more about their carpet cleaning services.

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