Carpet Cleaning NY

Carpet Cleaning NY

A dirty carpet can be an eyesore.  Most people are intolerant of a filthy space, but especially a filthy carpet.  Carpeting has its advantages and disadvantages.  Many people have carpet because of the soft texture that it provides on the floor.  Walking on carpet is usually very comfortable.  If you live in a home with young children, carpet can be a lifesaver.  Since children often slip, fall, and get into accidents, having a soft material on the floor can reduce the risk of injury.  On the other hand, carpet can be difficult to maintain because of the way it is crafted.  Most carpet feature natural or synthetic fibers that are sewn into the base of the carpet.  These fibers may be long, short, thick and narrow.  Different carpets have different densities and properties.  The common thread among all types of carpet is that they are very easy to become soiled and collect dirt.

A dirty carpet is not sanitary or aesthetically pleasing.  Carpets can harbor a lot of dirt, dust and bacteria, particularly if it is not cleaned on a regular basis.  Flooring materials like tile and hardwood require a different cleaning process than carpet, because carpet can trap dirt below the visible surface.  Dirt can settle at the bottom of the carpet and throughout the length of the carpet fibers.  Many people decide to clean their carpet with an ordinary vacuum.  This isn’t always the best way to clean a carpet because it does not sanitize or loosen up stains.


Keeping your carpet sanitized and clean should be a priority.  Since carpet is walked on often, dirt and germs are constantly being placed on it.  If you have small children that like to play on the floor, this can be dangerous because they may either add to the filth or make contact with the germs that are already present.  Having your carpet steam cleaned will remove the dirt and help to maintain a hygienic environment.  The steam cleaning method uses hot water to loosen up dirt and lift it away from the carpet with suction.  Steam cleaning your carpet can remove stains that have set in and give the carpet a fresh, like-new appearance and smell.


People that have allergies are very leery of carpets because of the nature of carpet.  Carpet tends to capture dust and dirt.  To keep your allergies under control, you need a carpet cleaning process that removes the irritants.  Dust and pet allergies are usually reduced when you clean your carpet frequently.  This is why you need to steam clean carpet using an allergy relief treatment to release the dirt from the carpet.  Using environmentally friendly products that are hypo-allergenic will reduce your allergy symptoms.

Cleaning your carpet correctly on a regular basis can be extremely time consuming and laborious if you plan on doing it yourself.  If you have a busy New York lifestyle and schedule and would like the assistance of a professional cleaning service, look no further than 1st Class Cleaning.  Visit for more information on their carpet cleaning services.

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