Bonded Insured Cleaners NYC

Deciding on a good cleaning service should be based on the quality of their services, their professional reputation and their level of financial protection and risk.  Too often, people hire cleaning services that are not bonded and insured.  Letting a company like this into your home or business is hazardous and ill-advised.  A company that is bonded and insured can guarantee safety for you and your property.


Bonding refers to funds that have been set aside by a cleaning service and protected by a bonding company.  The bonding company determines the amount of risk involved and if the cleaning service is worthy to be bonded.  These funds are then controlled by the state and in the event that a claim is made, the claimant is awarded money from the bond, should the state determine justification.  The monetary funds are not able to be used by the cleaning service.


You should never hire a cleaning service that is uninsured.  Insurance covers damage to your personal property that is caused by the employee.  Insurance also provides injury protection so that you won’t be held liable for accidental injury


Places of business can incorporate construction sites, offices, studios and homes.  People work in such diverse places and with varied equipment and machinery present.  Commercial property cleaning potentially poses a greater risk of hazard and accidental injury than your home.  This is because there can be more ways to get hurt or injured.  Selecting a cleaning service that is bonded and insured can protect against human injury, property damage and financial loss.


Cleaning a home can pose a threat to companies and clients.  There are a number of variables and factors that can make a home hazardous.  People tend to have a lot of valuable and sentimental items in their home that need to be protected against damage and theft.  You may also take measures to protect your assets.  You can put away financially sensitive items or reposition objects in your home.


Hiring Process

The hiring process of a company can help to reduce risk.  Making sure that the company you hire has a rigorous employee selection process can protect your assets, family and identity.  Confidentiality and discretion should be expected and upheld.


Company Size

The size of a cleaning service company can mean all the difference when it comes to protection.  Smaller companies or individual cleaning service provides are usually not equipped with a bond or insurance.  If something happens to them while in your home or business, you may be liable.

If an accident does happen, you must make sure that you cannot be held responsible.  You can trust a company that is bonded and insured to not take advantage of you.  When deciding on which cleaner you will trust in your home, do your own due diligence and research if the company is actually bonded and insured.  1st Class Cleaning is bonded, insured and prepared to handle all of your cleaning needs.  To find out more about their services, visit today.

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