Best Natural Products to Kill Kitchen Bacteria


Best Natural Products to Kill Kitchen BacteriaBacteria can be found in all sorts of surfaces in your kitchen. From the ridges between the tiles of your countertops to your cutting boards and sponges, germs can be found almost anywhere with some foodborne illnesses waiting to take effect.

Bacteria are easy to transfer from one spot to another simply through touching contaminated surfaces. These germs generally grow and manifest the moistest areas of your home. So what can you do to naturally eliminate the microbes? Start using safe, natural products to clean your kitchen instead of toxic chemical products.

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If you neglect cleaning the bacteria in your kitchen, it can promote the growth of germ colonies. Generally, raw or undercooked food, particularly meat, poultry, and produce, along with fish, cause the formation of kitchen bacteria, whether it comes from their juices or from not being properly rinsed.

The following are some natural products you can use to disinfect your kitchen surfaces:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

This product can be used for more than just sterilizing cuts. You can find it at your nearest drug store and fill a spray bottle with it to spray down your countertops and other kitchen surfaces.

When mixed with vinegar (equal parts solution), this blend is strong enough to kill bacteria like e-coli and salmonella—all commonly found in the raw food mentioned above. You can even add water to the hydrogen peroxide spray bottle instead of vinegar.

  • Vinegar

A great associate in killing bacteria with other natural products, vinegar can also efficiently stand alone as a potent disinfectant. Since it’s acidic by nature, vinegar can not only kill germs, but also stop their growth.

For the best results, you can create a 1:3 vinegar-water solution and add orange or lemon oil for a more pleasant scent. Since citrus fruits have high acidity levels, they’re also natural decontaminators and can therefore empower any other natural disinfectant.

  • Tee Tree and Neem Oil

Seeing as how chemical cleaning products generally leave deposits behind after being used, it’s much better to use products like tee tree and neem oil. Both of these oils are highly efficient in killing even the toughest and most stubborn bacteria. Neem oil actually kills bacteria and also keeps insects away, which is another plus in keeping kitchens clean.

The best way to create a tree oil cleaning solution is by mixing about ten drops of it with a cup of water and one tablespoon of white distilled vinegar. You can also add a squirt of dishwashing soap. If you’re cleaning a larger surface that requires a higher amount of cleaner, just double or triple each measurement. If you’re using neem oil, just add a few drops to your soap liquid and you’re all set to clean with water.

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