Best Natural Items to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Best Natural Items to Keep Your Home Smelling FreshEvery home has it’s own unique smell. Different scents can arise from furniture, smoke, pets, certain cooking ingredients, and other things found around your house. The key in getting rid of these smells is to use a natural freshener that won’t just mix with them and exacerbate the odor.

Sometimes, the chemicals in the air fresheners we use to cover unwelcome scents can pose health hazards, especially for those who have allergies. Formaldehyde, in particular, is a well-known carcinogen.

Other chemicals used can get absorbed in the body’s fat tissues and sit there for many years before causing health complications. Making your own natural home freshener is the best way to avoid those issues and it will help you maintain a fresh aroma whether or not you’re cooking.

Fruit Blends

Citrus fruits are known to be among the most commonly used components in any effective air freshener. Think about the fresh smell of a peeled orange or lemon. The minute you peel the outer layer, you automatically get a whiff of the pure tangy flavor.

For your fruity air freshener, cut any of your favorite fruits and just add them to a pot with boiling water to simmer. The following fruits will fill your home with a crisp fragrance in no time:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cranberry

You can mix and match your favorite scents to have a sweet combination of fruity zests. You can even mix some fruits with spices or nuts, like cinnamon and almonds, for a longer lasting scent. Lemons go great with vanilla extract; while oranges mixed with almonds or cinnamon make for an extra fresh aroma.

Fragrance Oils

Generally, natural oils go a long way. Oils extracted from herbs and flowers, as well as roots and other natural ingredients, can make your home smell like a bouquet from a fresh garden. You can use everything from lavender to fresh thyme. Essential oils can be purchased and added to a bottle in drops to get the desired smell.

Or you can make your own fragrance oils by choosing carrier oil as the base (olive and almond oils are great options). Then, do the following:

  1. Place the containers you’d like to use in a pot of boiling water and let them warm up for a few minutes.
  2. Remove the container and add about a cup-full of the plants or other extracts you’d like to use.
  3. Pour your carrier oil onto the contents.
  4. Depending on the sensitivity of the materials you use, place the container back into the boiling water for a few minutes.

You can repeat the above process as many times as needed before the scent becomes as strong as you want it to be. Finally, you just have to strain the oil and let it cool before placing it in a dry area.

Have a Fresh Smelling Home All the Time

Although natural air fresheners can help keep your home smelling great, nothing can do the job quite like consistently cleaning your place. The best part is that you don’t even have to do it yourself! Just contact 1st Class Cleaning today and we’ll answer any questions you might have about our services.

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