Best Methods to Clean Your Home Fast

Best Methods to Clean Your Home FastBest Methods To Clean Your Home Fast
Cleaning your home can be a hefty task to take on. With the proper plan of action set up, you can tackle even the messiest of homes without getting overwhelmed. By having a plan to follow and a goal in mind, cleaning your home can be done in a few short steps rather than in a lengthy, time-consuming manner. Follow these tips on how to clean faster so you can spend more time enjoying your tidy home rather than picking up after it.

Line Up Your Products
Each room demands different products, cleaning aides, and equipment to get the job done. Set up your tools in each room so that you can spend less time looking for products and more time cleaning. You can have tub, sink, and glass cleaners in your bathroom, while having the carpet cleaner powder and air fresheners in the living room. By having everything ready beforehand, you can spend less time searching endlessly for necessary products.

Assemble a Team
Between kids, husbands, and wives, there are plenty of people available to assemble a cleaning team. By having each person of the household assigned to a specific section, the home as a whole can be worked on at once instead of section by section. With everyone pitching in to do his or her part, a home can be cleaned much quicker and with less effort from a single person.

Create Sections
When creating a cleaning process, examining a home’s needs as a whole can make it seem like a lot more cleaning is needed than if the home is divided into smaller parts. Creating sections can make cleaning an entire home a quicker process by combining certain rooms into sections. For example, combine the living room and dining room into one area. The bedrooms and their accompanying bathrooms can be another section, and finally the kitchen can be a third section. This trick also works great for hectic schedules. Different areas of the home can be scheduled on different days.

Work From the Top, Down
By taking care of higher areas first, floor cleaning can be kept as one time event. Cleaning ceiling fans, air ducts, shelves, and dusting cabinets can be done first so that any loose residue can fall to the ground. Once higher level cleaning is completed, the floor-work such as sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming can be done. This works as a two-fold trick in that the floors get cleaned and the debris gets picked up from other areas as well. It is best to clean in this order to avoid having to retouch any floor cleaning at the end.

Cleaning a home can be an unwelcomed duty, but having a reward or treat set up for your self will provide an incentive to want to get the job done. You can give yourself some time off, rest and relaxation, TV time, a long bath or any of your other favorite pastimes. This will boost your productivity and propel you through the cleaning.

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