Best Methods for Cleaning Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Best Methods for Cleaning Your Refrigerator and FreezerBest Methods for Cleaning Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Are you avoiding opening the refrigerator because the mess is starting to frighten you? Do you tell your friends that you’ll get them a drink because you’re afraid to open the door? Has the local college called to ask if they can move their science lab to your kitchen? Even if your refrigerator isn’t this disgusting, it’s always good to know some faster ways to clean the refrigerator. Whether you’re dealing with a catastrophe of epic proportions behind the door or you just want some time-saving tricks, here’s what you should know about cleaning out the refrigerator.

Bring the Trash Can Over

Start by tossing the obvious trash right into the can. This includes the half-eaten pudding cup your daughter popped in the refrigerator last month and the open can of soda that someone left in there this morning.

Dump liquids down the sink and put solids in the trash can. Fill one basin in the sink with soapy water. As you pull out containers of leftovers, drop the food in the trash bag and put the open container to soak.

  • Tip – Avoid this ugly chore in the future by looking for leftovers every time you make dinner. If it’s been in there more than three days, or you cannot remember when you cooked it, then throw it out. While you’re checking for leftovers, you can also pick up other items like old wrappers, stale cheese and those open yogurt containers that are growing something frightening.

Fill the Ice Chest

As you search through the refrigerator for garbage, put the usable items in an ice chest. The refrigerator will be easier to clean when it’s empty. As you fill the ice chest, look for open containers and set them aside. This makes it easier to see if you have two ketchup bottles that can be married or if the sour cream can be thrown out because there’s only a scoop left.

  • Tip – Keep your fridge clean throughout the month by doing some creative cooking. Mix and match sauces while cooking to develop new flavors and finish off those bottles of barbeque sauce and salad dressing.

Fill the Bucket

With the refrigerator or freezer empty, it’s time to start wiping everything down. Use warm water and all-purpose cleaner to gently wipe down the shelves, bins, and sides. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom. If the fixtures will come out, you can take them over to the sink and clean them. Dry the surfaces with a dishtowel for a sparkling finish.

Remember to wipe down and dry the gasket and front of the refrigerator. If you have a particularly messy spill, soak a paper towel in the cleaning solution, wring it out and lay it over the mess. Wait about 10 minutes before scrubbing the mess away with the paper towel and tossing it in the trash.

  • Tip – Don’t ignore spills. They’ll only freeze over and be harder to clean when the time comes.

If you clean the refrigerator regularly, then this detailed cleaning won’t take long. However, this doesn’t work for all families. Whether you have too much on your calendar to worry about the refrigerator or you just hate this particular chore, you can trust 1st Class Cleaning to do it for you.

We offer reasonable rates, and we’re happy to take care of these time-consuming chores for you. With our help, you can keep you refrigerator clean and let your friends get their own drinks.

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