Bedroom Cleaning Tips for a Student Athlete

cleaning-services-pic-1Students’ schedules are usually packed with both academic and extracurricular activities. So cleaning up the bedroom often comes last on the priority list. That’s because student athletes usually get home exhausted from practice or from playing a game.

You just want to have a savory meal before heading straight to bed in your tidy bedroom. Before you can do that though, you should consider the following cleaning guidelines that will encourage you to make them a part of your daily routines.

Wash Your Sports Clothes

First and foremost, sanitizing your room regularly after coming back from your workout is the key to maintaining a clean bedroom. Whether you’re practicing a sport indoors or outdoors, chances are, by the time you’re home, you won’t exactly have the most pleasant-smelling attire (to say the least). But the great news is, just because your clothes stink, it doesn’t mean your room has to smell bad, too!

Sometimes, it takes longer than usual to remove a stench from sports clothes. Try to wash your sweaty clothes as soon as possible, rather than throwing your odorous sports clothes into a pile on the floor. Leaving dirty clothes out for a while will let bacteria grow and exacerbate the odor.

If you’re short on time and can’t wash your clothes right away, just lay them out on a drying rack. Try to get back to washing them the next day.

When you place your clothes in the wash, make sure to:

  • Stay away from fabric softeners as they can mix with the odor and make it worse.
  • Use less laundry detergent (about half the usual amount) when washing Spandex and Lycra, or use a detergent especially made for athletic clothes.
  • Soak the clothes that have an extra tough-to-remove odor in white vinegar for about 30 minutes, before you place them in the wash. You can use the sink or bathtub.
  • Add one cup of one of the most multi-purpose cleaning agents out there—baking soda—to your washing machine, when running a load.

In addition, an important thing to keep in mind when it comes to your sweaty clothes is to not stay in them after you’re done with your workout! Whether you lie on your bed in them or sit at your desk to relax, it’s not the best idea, since bacteria will keep growing. It’ll not only make the odor worse and tougher to remove, but you’ll also infect your clean sheets and furniture.

To keep away the effects of athlete’s foot, make sure to place your dirty socks in a separate laundry basket and place them into a separate laundry load. That way, you won’t contaminate other garments with fungus. Be sure to use warm water in washes to kill bacteria/fungus.

Remove Air Pollutants

Seeing as how we all tend to spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, it’s crucial to ascertain that the air we’re breathing is clean. You should focus on getting rid of air pollutants and frequently ventilating your room.

  • Try to let in fresh outdoor air whenever you can.
  • Think about investing in an air filtration system, like an air purifier.
  • You can get plants, too, and decorate your room while you detoxify it.

Plants can help filter common toxins such as formaldehyde (found in bedroom furniture, carpets and cleaning products), and benzene (located in detergents and plastic materials). Having more plants around will help you get more oxygen in your room and filter toxins.

Adopt a “No Shoes Policy”

Whenever you’re having visitors over, or you’re entering your room after being out, you should think twice about going inside with your shoes on. If you were playing football out on a damp field, for example, then your shoe soles are probably covered in mud. The mud won’t only dirty your floors, but the bottoms of your shoes also contain a large amount of unsafe pesticides.

Even if you were practicing your favorite sport out on the lawn in front of your house, you’re still exposing your floors to harmful chemicals that you’ll ultimately breath in. In fact, lead particles fall among the group of hazardous bodies commonly found on the bottom of shoes.

Store Away Your Athletic Gear

Whether you play basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, or any other sport that requires athletic gear, you should try to store the gear out of your room—preferably in the garage. It’s easy to drop your sports bag or equipment on the floor of your bedroom when you come home, but by doing that, you’re bringing in pollution.

If you only have enough space to put your stuff away in your room, then create a separate storage area. You can use an extra drawer, closet or closet divider. Before putting your items away, disinfect them regularly using nontoxic cleaners.

Eradicate Dust

Athletes need to stay healthy and have a clear nose when working out to breath properly and be more efficient. Dust allergies are quite common even among sportive students. The accumulation of dust particles in the bedroom can worsen allergies and other respiratory issues so it’s important to keep a duster or microfiber cloth ready in a drawer.

When you shut down your computer, unplug your keyboard to clean it with a mini duster, and then use an all-purpose wipe to disinfect it. You can even talk on your phone as you’re dusting the rest of your bedroom’s items such as your dresser and bedside tables. Don’t forget about your headboard and lampshades.

Curtains are often forgotten about, too, even though they tend to store a large amount of dust. Wear a facemask if exposure to dust aggravates your allergies. Try to dust your bedroom’s surfaces and floor at least once a week.

Make a To-Do List and Check It Off

Creating a checklist can help you keep your room as clean as the bedroom of a professional athlete. It’s recommended to make your bed first thing in the morning, since it will encourage you to keep everything else clean. List your daily, weekly, and seasonal cleaning tasks.

You should fold your clothing and clear out/organize your surfaces on an everyday basis. Change your sheets, organize your closet, empty your wastebasket, and vacuum/mop your floors (including your closet) every week. Putting things back where they belong after you’re done using them will help you keep track of your athletic items.

Get a Helping Hand

You can always hire a professional cleaner to do the work for you. 1st Class Cleaning uses eco-friendly cleaning products and methods that can make your bedroom and the rest of your home sparkle in no time. Call 1st Class Cleaning today so we can help you stay focused on your athleticism and on enhancing your game.

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