Musty Bathroom Smell

The bathroom is often the most used room in any house, and is often the dampest room in the house as well. It is not uncommon for musty smells to develop in bathrooms, and they can be embarrassing. However, there are ways to get rid of musty smells in bathrooms and to prevent them from coming back.

Mustiness often happens in poorly ventilated bathrooms. Even bathrooms with proper intake and outtake vents get very damp and develop musty smells. In bathrooms that have windows, keeping a window open before and after showers can help reduce the humidity in bathrooms that leads to musty odors. If there is no window, consider a small desk fan that can be set on the floor or on the counter area (always use caution using electrical equipment near water sources!). A fan can help circulate and cool air in a humid room and will reduce mustiness. This can also serve as a preventative measure, as once musty odors sink into bathroom counters made of wood, it can become much harder to remove that smell.

Sometimes bathroom odors stem from mildew that occurs naturally in a damp, warm environment. There are many cleaners on the market that are made specifically to combat mildew in bathrooms. Be sure to clean carefully in corners of showers and along grout lines to remove all the mildew from the bath and shower area. Even a small amount can create that musty odor. Keep the toilet clean as well. Though mildew is not a common toilet problem, an unclean toilet can only contribute to an odor problem. All kinds of cleaners for toilets crowd the shelves, including some disposable and flushable items.

If you notice mildew in your bathroom, check to make sure it has not spread to items like your shower curtain. If it has, launder the shower curtain, or clean it to manufacturer specifications. Washable shower liners are helpful, especially if you have a vinyl shower curtain where mildew can be harder to remove. The shower liner stands between the bathtub and the shower curtain and can be easily washed. Some are inexpensive enough to dispose of and replace if mildew develops. Even better, many shower curtains and shower liners come pre-treated to combat certain types of bacteria that can cause mildew. Investing in one of these types of curtains can help reduce musty smells in your bathroom.

Sometimes the musty smell can get into towels, which can be an aggravating problem. White towels can be laundered in hot water with bleach, following product recommendations, and this often removes the smell. Colored towels are trickier, but many have found that when colored towels are laundered in hot water with a cup of white vinegar added along with laundry detergent, it knocks the smell right out of colored towels. Vinegar also has the added benefit of removing detergent build up not only in the towels but in the washing machine itself. Removing that build up will get towels cleaner and the cleaner they are, the less musty they will smell.

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