How to Organize Your Bathroom

When organizing your bathroom, there are a few simple things to take note of.

Remember throughout the process that organization is about utility. Put items in the appropriate places and it will be easier to return them to those places, keeping the room tidy and your belongings accessible.

For example, if you use something several times a day, it should be more accessible than something that you use once a month. Categorize things based upon how you use them, not based upon how someone else thinks they should be organized. If you only ever use nail polish remover to take care of household stains, for goodness sake, get it out of your beauty drawer and put it with the cleaning supplies!

This leads to the first and most basic principle, the “use” principle. “How often do you use it?” Now, how often do you use it, really? This one question will inform all of your later decisions.

The simplest solution stemming from this question would be: I thought that this would be useful when I bought it, but I have discovered that is not the case. Throw it away or return it.

Then ask yourself, how exactly do you use the item in question; this includes concepts such as:

  • Do you currently use it as much, or, as well, as you should?
  • Do you regularly have trouble finding it?
  • Is this the place that you normally use this item?
  • Are there other items that you normally use with this item? Do they have any other uses? Should you store them together?

If you don’t currently use an item as often as you feel that you should, what can you do to change this? Do you store it near where you use it? For example, I always apply sunblock outside, since I prefer the spray-on type.

So to ensure that applying sunblock wasn’t a hassle, I moved the sunblock downstairs, closer to the door, so that it wasn’t such a hassle to use it.

If you regularly have trouble finding the item, figure out why. Have you placed it within a set of items with which it does not fit conceptually. For example, is your conditioner in the drawer with your nail polish, instead of with your shampoo?

Or does it not have a “place” of its own? In this case, find a place for it. Figure out where it fits in the organizational hierarchy of your mind and store it there. Always keep in mind that the bathroom may not be the right room for this object, even if that’s where Mom kept it.

If this isn’t the place that you normally use the item, I strongly recommend moving it. In order to keep things tidy, it is wide to make keeping things tidy easy. Store things close to where you use them and you won’t have to march across the house to put them away.

Keep these principles in mind and your bathroom should be ship-shape in no time.

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