How to Clean a Bathroom Quickly and Completely

How Unsafe Is Your Dirty Bathroom?The phone just rang and it was your friends telling you that they’re stopping in to visit. You hate to say no, but you’re worried about the condition of your bathroom. Maybe you’ve been busy with the kids and your job, and you know that it’s not as fresh and inviting as it could be. Never fear, because there are ways to effectively clean that room and make sure that it’s ready for company in record time. Here’s how to clean this room in four easy steps.

1. Fill the sink with soapy water while putting away the clutter

You excel at multi-tasking, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you. While the sink is filling up with water, just use that time to put the hair spray in the cabinet, tuck your makeup back in the drawer and toss your kid’s dirty socks in the laundry. Use a little dish detergent or some multi-purpose cleaner in the sink water so that your bathroom will be truly clean.
2. Toilet cleaner while you wipe off the vanity

Next, squirt some toilet cleaner in the bowl and give it a quick swipe. Don’t flush just yet, but put the lid down so the fumes will work on stubborn stains. Let the toilet sit while you use the soapy sink water to clean the vanity, counter, any shelves, the back of the toilet, and the area behind the toilet bowl lid. This is also the time to hit the corners of the shower where dust manages to collect. Remember to wipe off the base of the toilet around the bolts and the water supply line. Once all of that is done, you’re ready to flush the toilet for a quick rinse.

3. Get the broom and baby wipes

Drain the cleaner from the sink, and then give the bathroom a quick sweep. Use the baby wipes for the fastest ever mopping and polishing. You can also use the wipes on the apron of the tub and other problem areas. If you have a large bathroom, then the mop will be faster. However, the baby wipes are quick and handy for small half-baths with limited floor space.
4. Glass cleaner is for more than just glass

With everything else cleaned in a record five minutes or less, you’re ready to break out the glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Use this on the mirror, but also use it to hit all of the chrome in your bathroom. A shiny faucet takes attention away from other spots you may have missed.

You can avoid the stress of the five-minute super clean completely by working with a professional cleaning company. If your bathroom was recently scrubbed and polished by 1st Class Cleaning, then all you would have to do is put away stray items and wipe off the mirrors. We offer a range of customized cleaning services so that you can always be ready for company. However, remember these tips and tricks so that you can be ready to do a five-minute clean even at a moment’s notice.

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