How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?Often people wonder how often it is really necessary to clean one’s bathroom. Remember, one key to keeping your bathroom clean and odor free is keeping the moisture levels low. There are some easy ways to accomplish this.

Always use the fan when taking a bath or a shower, for example. Leave it running for a few minutes if the room is still humid. Keep shower curtains spread out so that they can dry completely, and hang wet bathmats so they can dry properly. Remember, nothing smells quite like mold.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

Daily, squeegee or wipe down shower walls. Tidy as you go — if you leave things to pick up later, they may never get picked up, and a cluttered bathroom doesn’t look clean. It is also harder to clean a room that is untidy.

Once a week, or even more often if the bathtub or shower is in frequent use, the tub and the shower should be scrubbed down with a mildly abrasive cleaner and warm water.

During your weekly cleaning is a good time to ensure that you haven’t left things out over the week. Put things where they belong, if they aren’t there already.

Check for areas of odor, and pay those areas special attention. Refill fragrance dispensers, as necessary; this can make a real difference in the atmosphere of your home.

Sinks should be cleaned in the same manner at least once a week. If you are careful to rinse out the sink after each use, especially after shaving or brushing your teeth, once a week is probably adequate to keep your sink looking clean. Ensure that you clean the sink faucets and handles, as a shiny surface can really brighten your bathroom.

A minimum of once a week, or more often if heavily used, scrub the inside of the toilet bowl with a toilet bowl cleaner, and wipe down all other surfaces of the toilet with an appropriate cleanser.

Also weekly, the mirrors should be cleaned with a spray cleaner and wiped to a streak-free shine. All linens should also be laundered at this time. Also, ensure that you dust, vacuum, and mop all applicable bathroom surfaces. Remember, this does mean all surfaces. Dust builds up slowly, even before it’s visible.

Once a month, more often if needed, scrub the grout clean, and wipe down any areas that may not be adequately cleaned on a weekly basis. The monthly cleaning should include a real focus on detail, if you want to keep your bathrooms looking their best.

Wipe down the insides of any shelves at this time, as well. Dust among your stored items, where needed. Wipe down the blinds with a sponge.

This is also a good time to check the shower head for buildup. If you’ve noticed a decrease in water pressure recently, this may be the cause.

If you fill a plastic bag with vinegar and attach it over the shower head overnight, then give it a good scrub, that should take care of a small amount of build-up, without the need to disassemble the shower head.

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