How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom During the Summer Months in NYC

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom During the Summer Months in NYCCleaning the bathroom may well be one of the most hated chores. While you often hear jokes like “people don’t clean windows,” it’s really the bathroom that gets neglected and ignored. Part of it is a lack of time, and part of it is a desire to avoid this unseemly chore. Here is everything you need to know about cleaning the bathroom, including how often you should tackle the chore.

Why the Bathroom Matters

When cold and flu season arrives in the winter, you make an effort to keep the bathroom a little cleaner. However, the stomach flu isn’t the only thing found in bathrooms that’s catching. There are several germs shared by humans, and a lot of them are found right in your own bathroom.

In addition to the gastrointestinal viruses that result in stomach ailments, bathrooms are also known for having E. coli, salmonella, and campylobacter organisms. Staphylococcus bacteria that cause skin and respiratory infections may be in the bathroom, and other residual fungi that lead to mold and mildew are commonly found in the bathroom. It’s impossible to prevent these germs and organisms from moving into the bathroom, but you can evict them by cleaning the space.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cleaning

The sad fact is that your bathroom needs daily attention. Without it, this room can easily become the filthiest one in the house. However, you don’t have to scrub the entire room on a daily basis. Some cleaning chores can be done just once a week, and still others only need to be addressed on a monthly basis.

Watch the Moisture Daily

The biggest problem with bathrooms is the high humidity levels. Germs, bacteria, mold and mildew thrive in the warm, moist environment of your bathroom. Fortunately, you can take steps every day to keep the humidity levels low and make the bathroom less appealing to dangerous germs.

Wipe Down Shower Walls – It can be a hard habit to get into, but wiping down the shower walls after every use will keep the shower sparkling. Use squeegees or keep rags in the bathroom to quickly wipe off the walls after you shower and keep mildew away.

Open the Shower Curtain – Circulating air is the biggest enemy of mold and mildew. It dries surfaces and makes it harder for mildew to grow. When you exit the shower, leave the curtain open so the shower walls can dry. After you have finished getting ready for your day, take a moment to go back in the bathroom and close the curtain over the tub. With the curtain spread out, it will be able to benefit from circulating air and dry out. Try to leave a gap between the curtain and each wall to promote greater air circulation.

Run the Vent – Make sure your bathroom vent is running to pull the moisture out and send it to the exterior of your home. Start the vent before you turn the water on, and allow it to run until the bathroom is dry.

Open the Door – If you don’t like running the vent for any reason, there is another way to eliminate moisture in the bathroom. After your shower is finished, simply open the door wide to let air from the house circulate in and dry the bathroom. This is also a very effective way to handle the humidity in the bathroom.

Make Good Use of It – You can also put that little film of moisture in the bathroom to work. Keep a stack of rags in the closet, and use one to wipe the moisture off surfaces when you get out of the shower. It won’t disinfect the space, but it is a fast and easy way to keep the bathroom dusted.

Kill Germs Weekly

Cleaning the bathroom and killing germs weekly is generally enough in the summer. During cold and flu season, or if someone in the family is sick, then you will want to clean the bathroom more often. This is a good time to scrub the entire room, shine the shower stall and ensure that the space is truly clean.

Start with the largest and most difficult job. Wipe down the shower and bathtub with a bathroom cleaner. Rinse it with warm water. Use a little bleach or special mildew cleaner to eliminate any mildew that is starting to take hold.

Next, move on to the toilet and sinks. Squirt some toilet cleaner into the commode, scrub it around with a toilet brush and then let it sit. Do not flush it away yet, but close the lid and let it keep cleaning while you scrub the sink and other areas.

Work your way around the room to clean it. Put beauty supplies away, remove anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom and make sure empty shampoo bottles are taken out of the shower. Clean off the counters to make them easier to clean. Using all-purpose cleaner and a wet rag, clean off all surfaces. Swipe the rag over the top of the doorframe, the edges of the mirror and the towel bars. Wipe down cabinets, and look at the wall around the commode to see if it needs attention. If necessary, use a scrubbing cleanser in the sink to remove dried toothpaste and make it shine. Wipe down the outside of the toilet as well as the lid. If you use the rag and cleaning solution to clean up feces or urine from the wall or toilet lid, then you should get a clean rag and a fresh bucket of water and cleanser before continuing.

With the counters, sink and commode clean, it’s finally time to clean the mirrors. The glass cleaner cannot only be used for the mirrors, but you can also use it to shine the faucets, toilet handle and the rest of your bathroom hardware. Flush the toilet and scrub any remaining stains in the bowl. On your way out of the room, sweep the floor and mop it to enjoy a bathroom that is sparkling clean and ready for company.

Those Monthly Chores

There are also some things in the bathroom that should be cleaned about once a month. They are often neglected, but they are very important. The first is the bathroom vent. A feather duster or electrostatic cloth can be used to reach into the fins and pull out dust. The first time you do this, you may wind up taking it down to clean it in the sink. However, it won’t be as hard to clean the following month.

Go through your linen closet to purge items you don’t need. Take the time to dust the shelves in the closet and mop the closet floor. This particular chore will be easier if you use baskets or bins to store your extra bathroom supplies. Look at the showerhead for lime stains and hard water build-up. If the water flow has been getting weak, then you should soak the showerhead to restore proper water flow.

Reach around behind the toilet tank to clean the backside of the tank. This is also a good time to clean the water supply line off and make sure it is in good condition. Empty the trashcan and scrub out the inside of it. Polish light switch plates to wipe off all the fingerprints. You may also have to clean the wall around the switch to remove grease and dirt. Use Q-tips or a special tool available from the hardware store to reach down into the shower and sink drain and remove any trapped hair. This not only takes germs out of the bathroom, but it also ensures that your water drains properly.

Just looking at this list of cleaning suggestions can be exhausting, but it actually doesn’t take that long to clean the bathroom. Wiping it down daily makes the bigger cleaning chores go a lot faster when the time comes. It’s important to scrub the bathroom down weekly to minimize germs and keep your family safe. However, the monthly chores are also important to keep everything in your bathroom in good working order.

If you don’t have time to scrub the bathroom every week, or you cannot stand the thought of going through the monthly cleaning checklist, then consider hiring a recurring cleaning service. Here at 1st Class Cleaning, we appreciate how important the bathroom is. We know that you want to keep it clean for your family, but you may not have the time or inclination to scrub the bathroom and shine the sink once a week. However, you can call us to take care of these unappealing chores for you. Whether you are trying to stop the flu from making rounds through the house or just want to know that your bathroom is always clean, you can call us for service at 1-800-309-7881. You can also contact 1st Class Cleaning online to schedule your consultation and see how we can help you.

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