Can’t Get These Glass Shower Doors Clean

Cleaning your glass shower door seems to be one of the most thankless tasks around. It seems as soon as we get them clean, they are dirty again. Well, here are a few tips to help you keep that glass shower door looking like new.

The best solution is the simplest — don’t let your shower door get dirty. Wipe it down every day. The easiest way to make sure this happens is to keep a plastic squeegee inside the shower door. Some of them even come with little suction cups so you can hang them up.

Make it part of your daily routine to use that squeegee after your shower. It just takes a second, and it really pays off. Then, when you get out of the shower, leave the shower door open a crack. This will let air circulate and keep away the mildew.

Even with the daily wipe-down, you should clean the shower (including the door) once a week. A regular glass cleaner should work just fine, if you’ve followed this simple daily routine. If the door has a metal rim, it can be cleaned using a mild detergent and water. Lemon oil, if used afterwards, can add a real sparkle; just remember that a tiny drop goes a long, long way.

Also, remember to check the caulk while you’re cleaning the door. If any of it has broken away or developed cracks, it needs to be replaced quickly before any water damage occurs.

Fortunately, with the new squeezable caulk-containers, it’s easy to reapply; just squeeze it out like toothpaste, then go over it with a plastic spoon to smooth it.

Now, if you didn’t quite follow a basic maintenance routine… here are a few suggestions for dealing with the (often ugly!) results.

Does your shower door have built-up soap scum? There’s a simple solution for that which you probably already have in your pantry… white vinegar! It works very well on soap scum due to its high acidity.

Apply, let it sit for a few minutes, and then give it a scrub. Just ensure that you rinse it all away after you’re done.

Another great option to try on soap scum is adding just a touch of liquid fabric softener to water and applying that onto the soap scum. Let it sit for a minute and then scrub and rinse.

If the gunk on your shower door is extremely built up and you’d like to use some kind of a mild abrasive, tooth paste works surprisingly well. Remember, you’re working with glass, so you don’t want to use the same kind of harsh abrasive that would be okay in the tub or on the tile floor.

In any of these cases, remember that just because a cleanser can be used on glass doesn’t mean it should be left on the metal rim of the door or the tile floor of the shower. Ensure that you rinse well, in any case, and treat your shower door with care.

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