Commercial Bathroom Sanitation

One of the areas of an office building that sees the most traffic and the most action is the bathroom. Choosing a cleaning company that can help you with commercial bathroom sanitation is important if you are hiring a cleaning company to help you with your office building. Most cleaning companies are more than willing to help with basic office cleaning such as refilling paper products and topping up soap dispensers, but if you want to make sure that your bathrooms are safe, sanitized and healthy, then it would be wise to choose a cleaning services company that is capable of helping you sanitize all your bathroom areas with the appropriate materials and tools.

High quality commercial bathroom sanitation should involve cleaning and sanitizing all bathroom equipment, including the insides and outsides of the toilets and urinals. It should also include wiping down and sanitizing all bathroom stalls and cubicle dividers. Sanitizing the bathroom should involve wiping down all soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, cleaning mirrors and cleaning sinks and the area around the sinks. Antibacterial products should be used in order to make sure that all of the fixtures and equipment in the bathroom are completely clean and sanitized.

Commercial bathroom sanitation should also always include completely removing all refuse from the bathrooms, including individual waste receptacles in each cubicle and waste receptacles in the main area of the bathroom. New trash liners should be replaced in each of the trash cans.

Another step of the sanitation process should involve sweeping and wet mopping the floor in the bathroom thoroughly. The mops, rags and other equipment that is used for sanitizing the bathroom should absolutely be color coded in order to prevent any type of cross contamination between the bathroom and other areas of the office building that require cleaning. This way, a bathroom mop won’t be used in the kitchen, and rags intended for dusting computers won’t end up being used to wipe bathroom sink counters. Different cleaning products are used for different purposes, and different bacteria and other substances can be found in the bathroom that should not be given a chance to travel into the kitchen or elsewhere in the office building for that matter.

Bathrooms are high traffic areas in all office settings, because there are many employees that need to use them throughout the day. Because of this, it is definitely going to be important that you take steps to make sure that your office bathrooms are kept in good condition. While your employees may be able to keep up on making sure that toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap are all well stocked, there is more than that involved in keeping a bathroom clean and safe. Make sure that you are keeping this in mind when it comes to hiring a professional cleaning services company, because it is going to be important that you choose a company that meets your bathroom sanitation needs in addition to being able to meet your basic cleaning needs.

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