Back to School Bedroom Organization Ideas

Back to School Bedroom Organization IdeasIf you suffer the “messy-room syndrome,” chances are that going back to school won’t help you ameliorate that. You’re most probably too busy wandering around the library and hitting the books, while cramming for your weekly exams.

Then of course, you’re extracurricular activities can cause your room to turn into one large storage area. Be it for your school supplies or wardrobe, your bed may be supplementing your chair or closet. The following are some ideas to help you be more productive with your time and space.

Get Creative with Dimensions

Whether you’re staying at home or in a new dorm, if your room has odd angles and dimensions, get furniture that’ll help you make the most of your space. For instance, if your room is of a smaller size, try to incorporate furniture with rounded edges since it’ll provide more legroom and space for the placement of other furniture.

Similarly, set up your furniture pieces in ways that’ll optimize your space. Who said bookshelves had to be right in specific area of your room? You can use one as a headboard for your bed.

Rather than using wide furniture pieces (like long dressers), use tall furniture, such as tall shelves with plenty of space. You can stack a few by each other depending on the availability of space, and still have room for other pieces.

Hide Your Belongings

Instead of using side tables and other thin storage pieces with small drawers, you can opt for larger items like a trunk/bin. Store things like extra blankets, bed sheets, nighttime accessories, and other essentials.

Divide and conquer with your drawers. Opt out of tossing smaller accessories and random scraps around by adding dividers in your drawers. Think out of the box and get crafty by making your own dividers using cereal boxes and gift-wrap paper.

Increase Your Drawer Count & Closet Space

Creating as much space with as many drawers as possible is the key to getting organized. Add additional drawers or shelves under your bed to store items like shoes, handbags, or even athletic gear. You should even consider replacing your bedside tables with dressers since they have more drawers.

If you have clothing overflowing from your closet and can never seem to find what you want to wear as a result of that, compartmentalize your closet. Color-code your wardrobe lineup. Hang what should be hung, using thin, space-efficient hangers, and fold what you can to place in drawers.

Decorate with Your Possessions

Go for a contemporary twist on your bedroom décor and use your favorite items to display. You can place your favorite travel souvenirs or beloved sunglasses collection on a wall shelf or desk.

Don’t know what to do with all your books? Use them as adornments, too. You can stack a set of books under your table lamps or even stack up a number of them to add color to and fill the space of an empty corner in your room.

Clean Up Regularly

Having a clean room and home is the best motivator to stay organized. If you’re in New York, then you most likely lead a busy student lifestyle and could use some extra help when it comes to easing your way into the school year.

The cleaning professionals at 1st Class Cleaning can not only clean up your room, they can also help you get organized to never misplace your things again. Contact us today and stay focused on getting settled into your classes and activities while we do the organizing.

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