Avoiding Cabin Fever by Keeping a Clean Home

Avoiding Cabin Fever by Keeping a Clean HomeThe wintertime is notorious for instigating the effects of cabin fever, with several culprits involved in making it a prevalent phenomenon this time of the year. An unclean home is actually one of the largest contributors to this condition.

How Do You Know If You Are Getting Cabin Fever?

There are many warning signs you can easily catch in order to figure out whether you are susceptible to getting cabin fever. For one, you could be feeling a great lack of energy to do anything. This sense of fatigue is matched with the sensation that you are spending way too much time inside a small space.

In addition, you could be finding it more difficult to focus on anything in front you because of feelings of irritation. Sometimes, you won’t even know why you’re agitated, and will simply feel discouraged to do anything. If you are on the verge of experiencing any of these symptoms or already are, start by getting your home as clean as possible.

A Clean Home Means a Healthier and Happier You

Begin thoroughly cleaning your home by targeting the following areas:

  • Moisture and damage control. Look for any water leaks that should be repaired around your home so as to avoid damaging your floors and furniture. Check the faucets of your kitchen and bathroom(s) and make sure that they are clear of mold or mildew, as this can cause allergic reactions or other health issues.
  • Clean air circulation. The air that you’re breathing must be clean, so try to open your windows whenever you can, and clean your home’s air ducts frequently. If you have a chimney, you should also give it a detailed cleanse and have professional inspectors onestopplumbers.com/ determine if any appliances in your home heating systems must be changed. You can even consider getting an air humidifier and/or air purifier to promote clean air passage.
  • Get rid of the clutter. Your emotional health is greatly affected by the amount of belongings in your surroundings. The more items you have on your office desk, for instance, the tougher it is to concentrate on what you want to get done and the more you exacerbate your cabin fever. Start by sorting all items around your house and storing whatever you can to keep a tidy space. Then, grab a damp cloth to dust each room.

As you’re tossing items you don’t need, make sure to keep in mind taking out the trash regularly and disinfecting areas of your home that encounter the most traffic. Everything from your remote control to cabinet doors and knobs should be sterilized regularly. The more sparkle you see, the better your mood will be.

Your bedroom(s) should be just as clean and neat as your other rooms. Make sure to make your bed and do your laundry frequently, with an emphasis on washing your hand and bath towels after 3 days of use—this will also help you avoid the buildup of mold and bacteria.

1st Class Cleaning Will Help You Prevent Cabin Fever

It’s amazing how much of a difference having a clean home can have on your state of mind. Whether your floors and tabletops are shining, or your uncluttered space creates the impression of a larger home, any of these instances can help you live more healthily all year long.

The experts at 1st Class Cleaning use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and professional methods to assure that you enjoy living in a squeaky clean home. For more information about our quality services, call 1st Class Cleaning today.

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