Avoid These 3 Factors That Promote Dust Accumulation

When dust coats the smooth surfaces in the home, it creates a light film that makes your furnishings look worn and old. Floating dust triggers sneezing and asthma attacks in anyone sensitive to it. Keeping your home free from dust can also improve your ability to fight off colds and lung infections.

If your home is dusty within a few days of a thorough cleaning, you may have something in your house that is creating fine particles. You may also see dust settling in your home from the outdoors. Check these common factors that promote dust accumulation to put an end to the daily cleaning cycle.

1. Furnishings That Produce Dust

Some furniture and decorations could be contributing to the amount of dust inside your home. Changing out worn down carpeting will often clear the air. The fibers and padding break down into very fine particles over time, which floats through the air to settle on your knickknacks.

Candles and incense keep your home smelling sweet, but the flames and smoke produce soot. This settles out of the air as dust on the mantle. Try switching to an oil warmer that doesn’t use a direct flame to freshen the air without making a mess.

Few modern homes rely on a wood stove for heating, but these appliances can cause serious indoor dust issues. Fireplaces also spread bits of ash into the air. Even if you rarely use it, make sure the fireplace is cleaned regularly and stays sealed behind glass doors.

2. Moving Air

Some appliances in your home don’t produce much dust, but they do move it into your living areas from an unused basement or attic. Furnaces and air conditioners can blow the accumulated dust in your ducts right into the air you breathe. Install high-efficiency air filters to see an immediate reduction in air-borne particles.

Vacuums will puff out much of the dust and dirt they vacuum up if fitted with an insufficient filter. Pick a model with a HEPA filter if you have a serious particulate problem in your home. Any dust that falls on the carpets will stay trapped in the bag or canister.

3. Pets and People

Your family and favorite pets could be creating a lot of the dust in your home. However, you don’t have to make your dog stay outdoors just to enjoy cleaner air. Daily brushing, weekly bathing and trips to the groomer will keep pet hair and dander from triggering allergies. You will also spend less time removing debris from your upholstery and clothing.

Dried sweat and skin flakes build up in your bedding. When you lay down for a quick nap, a puff of dust is released into the air. Wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week, and take heavy comforters and blankets outside for a quick shake. This will ensure most of your self-made dust disappears outside instead of showing up on your nightstand.

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