Cleaning Service in NY

Have you gotten to the point where cleaning your home or business is taking up to much of your time?  Are you spending hours cleaning bathrooms in your office when you should be meeting a client’s deadline?  Do you dedicate a whole day on your weekend to cleaning when you could be spending time with your family?  Perhaps it’s time to dive into New York’s vast array of cleaning service options.

Be sure to choose the right service for you.  If you have a business, don’t expect a home cleaning service to be able to accommodate you.  Commercial cleaning services offer a variety of customizable services.  Ranging from occasional cleanings to every day touchups, a good commercial service will have no problem keeping your office sparkling.  It’s important to decide when you want your cleaning crew in your business, and then find a service that can be there at that time.  Companies like 1st Class Cleaning can come before, during or after hours and offers a wide range of flexibility.

Home cleaning services will do just about any type of cleaning inside your home that you can imagine.  All you have to do is think of it.  Too grossed out by the science experiment going in your refrigerator?  Just need someone to come quarterly to clean your windows?  Or, are you sick of spending time doing a weekly cleaning bust still want your house to be spick and span?  A good home cleaning service like 1st Class Cleaning can do all this and more.

Once you’ve chosen the type of service you need, it’s time to investigate the products they use.  Are they toxic?  How will they affect people in your home or office with asthma?  1st Class Cleaning uses only natural cleaning solvents that are totally biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  They leave behind a light fresh scent that won’t aggravate respiratory problems, or affect pets in any way.

Finding a company without having a friend or relative to recommend someone can be difficult.  Here’s where the beauty of the internet comes in.  Read recent customer reviews and testimonials of the company you’re considering.  It’s a good way to get an idea of the company’s current employees and policies.  Look for any complaints and how they were addressed, if at all.  If complaints were ignored, be wary as that is how the company may treat you if you ever have an issue.

Something else to consider is whether your company is bonded and insured.  This protects you, as well as them, and could save you money in the long run by avoiding any liability issues on your part.  Some small cleaning companies, especially home cleaning services are not bonded or insured.  Use caution when dealing with these types of services.

Lastly, how does the company resolve issues if there is a problem?  1st Class Cleaning offers an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.  They want their customers to be happy and continue using their services.  If you’re dissatisfied in any way with 1st Class Cleaning, they will come back to re-clean your home or office for free.

For more information about the cleaning services available in New York, please contact 1st Class Cleaning today!

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