An Eco Friendly Cleaning Company in New York

An Eco Friendly Cleaning Company in New YorkAn Eco Friendly Cleaning Company in New York

A cleaning service in New York City will make your life easier and ensure that your home is always company ready. Corporations who invest in cleaning services have greater employee satisfaction, and they can trust that their facility is always ready for customers. Your carpets, upholstery and other fixtures last longer when they are kept clean, so it’s wise to invest in this service. It’s also wise to invest in a green cleaning service. Green cleaners are better for the environment, and they are also the right choice for the health and comfort of all who enter your home or business.

Green Cleaning on the Residential Level

Do you ever worry about the residue left behind by your heavy cleaners? Your dogs and cats walk across floors that have been cleaned, and they pick up the chemicals on the pads of their feet. Licking them off later can make your pet sick. Children who play on the floor may put their hands in their mouth and consume trace levels. When you choose a green cleaning company, you won’t have to worry about those dangerous residues.

Another benefit of using green cleaners at home is that your property will smell better. We use safe cleaners that leave nothing but a fresh, clean scent behind. Almond wood polish from Method smells like natural almond oil, and our other cleaners smell just as fresh. There are no fumes to make your children sick or clinging perfumes that will upset your sinuses.

In addition to cleaning your home, we also offer move-in and move-out cleaning services, wall washing, grout steam cleaning, and deep cleaning services. If you have had an illness in the home recently and want to know it is truly clean, call us for our bacteria sanitizing services. We can help you prepare for a big party and clean the home afterward.

We offer a range of cleaning services that are customized to your needs. Whether you want a basic cleaning service that visits once a week or customized service that is tailored to your needs, we can provide you with the green cleaning services you need.

Commercial Benefits of Green Cleaning

Using green cleaning products isn’t just wise for private homes. It’s also the best choice for businesses. In addition to offering green cleaning services for the home, we can also clean your office, warehouse, medical facility, financial institution, warehouse, or other business center. We offer services for large and small facilities alike, so you can trust us to take care of all your commercial cleaning needs.

Our general office cleaning services includes dusting and disinfecting work surfaces like keyboards, monitors, fax machines, printers, and more. We clean glass surfaces, scrub restrooms, treat common areas, vacuum carpets, and remove the trash. We use eco-friendly materials when cleaning, so you can trust that your business will look and smell clean when we are done. There will not be any harmful residues left behind, and there are no fumes that might make your employees sick. We are also happy to offer customized cleaning services and can handle almost any special request.

We use Green Seal approved products, follow all LEED guidelines and have our own HEPA vacuums to ensure that allergen levels are drastically reduced. We offer convenient appointments that fit your business schedule, and you can also call us when there’s an emergency and need fast assistance. We don’t require any contracts, and we are happy to customize our cleaning to suit the needs of your specific business.

Companies that invest in green cleaning techniques and materials find that they have fewer absences and employees are more productive. Customers appreciate the clean environment and fresh smell, and that helps you make the best first impression when people walk into your establishment. Businesses that have invested in green cleaning options also find that employee productivity improves.

Hiring an outside cleaning agency also helps you lower internal costs. Without the need to add people to your payroll, you will save money on benefits and regular hours. It’s an effective way to cut costs and increase profit levels without sacrificing your clean working environment. Another benefit of green commercial cleaning services it that you can proudly tell customers that you are embracing green habits and business practices.

Construction Clean-up the Green Way

Nothing is more exciting than having an addition put on your home or the kitchen of your business renovated, but little is more stressful then cleaning up afterward. Any type of construction or renovation is going to come with an incredible amount of dust, dirt and stress. Rather than finding time in your day to clean up after the renovation, you can call us for green cleaning services.

We will use safe cleaners to remove the labels from fixtures and leave everything sparkling. All hard surfaces are cleaned, and that includes polishing stainless steel fixtures and wiping out cabinet interiors. Dust is removed from the entire work area, including the tops of door frames, around mirrors and along the baseboards. Light fixtures are wiped, windows are polished and carpets are vacuumed to ensure that they are ready for use.

Construction dust has a habit of settling into every crack and crevice around your home or business. It is nearly impossible to remove without professional equipment, and it can leave an unpleasant odor behind. We offer dry steaming to remove that dust from every little crack and crevice around your property. Heating and cooling ducts are cleaned out to ensure that you will continue to enjoy fresh, clean indoor air.

When you invest in a major renovation project, you are adding value to your home and making it more functional. However, you will also need to clean the area when the work is done. While the contractors will remove the large debris, they will not polish mirrors and make sure the carpets are perfectly clean. Trust our team to take care of these cleaning chores for you. We use HEPA vacuums to keep the dust and allergens out of your home, and we only use green cleaning products that are safe for your property and family. No job is too large or small, so you can call us for residential or commercial construction cleanup services.

Perfect Events with Green Services

We are the premiere event cleaning service in New York City. When you are planning a special event, you need to know that the event area is going to be ready for the guests. You are focusing on so many other aspects of the gathering that you won’t have time to deal with polishing mirrors and scrubbing bathrooms. We are here to take care of all those little details for you.

Whether you are hosting a large trade show or an intimate private banquet, you can turn to us for superior cleaning services. We clean theater spaces, conference centers and more. Our services encompass both indoor and outdoor gatherings, so you can call us for any type of event.

Focusing on green cleaning supplies, we clean the entire venue from top to bottom. The rooms and fixtures are dusted, glass and mirrors are polished and the restrooms will be ready for your guests. Peripheral areas like foyers, greeting rooms and outdoor patios are also given the white glove treatment to ensure that the entire area is clean.

We use green cleaning products so there won’t be any harmful residues or unpleasant odors. Our cleaners don’t have any chemical fragrances, so the only thing your guests will smell is the fresh air and a truly clean environment. Hard surfaces are polished, carpets and upholstery are vacuumed and we will even make sure the tables, chairs and other fixtures are clean.

In addition to help you with all of your pre-event cleaning needs, you can also call us for cleaning the venue afterward. We can remove the trash, clean up the area and ensure that it is restored to pre-event condition. You aren’t going to have the energy to clean after the party, but you won’t have to when you call in the professionals.

The team at 1st Class Cleaning is known for our impeccable attention to detail and our customized cleaning services. Whether you want a customized cleaning plan for your private residence, a contractual cleaning service for your business or one-time services for a renovation project or your big party, you can turn to us for assistance.

We use green cleaners to protect your family, employees and customers. There are no harmful residues or dangerous fumes left behind when we clean, so you can enjoy an environment that is truly clean. Contact 1st Class Cleaning today to schedule your appointment for our impressive green cleaning services.

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