Allergy Relief Guide: Deep Cleaning Ideas

Friendly Cleaners That Won't Aggravate Your AllergiesDo you suffer from allergies? Or perhaps someone you live with does? People with allergies (mild or severe) need to be surrounded by an extra clean environment, especially at home. Whether the aversions come up during the springtime or are a year-round thing, deep cleaning is the best option to manage them. The following are some tips on how to effectively deep clean your home.

  1. Wear a Mask

First things first. If you’re taking on the cleaning chore and you have the allergy yourself, it would be wise to wear a cleaning mask. It can stop you from inhaling unwelcomed particles (like those from dust and cleaning detergents) that can exacerbate your condition. You can wear goggles, too¾and don’t feel silly about doing it either since your health comes first!

  1. Use Vacuums with HEPA Filters

Regular vacuum cleaners tend to leave some residue unfiltered. A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter provides an extremely high rate of filtration for both small and big impurities; so, you can get the maximum amount of contaminants out of the way.

  1. Check Out Your Water

Well, not the water itself. Make sure to clean out the source of freestanding water. It causes a lot of problems, starting with the formation of mold¾a major allergen and hazard! Leaky pipes or faucets along with a high concentration of humidity are culprits in creating mold, so you should consider getting a dehumidifier, too.

  1. Capture All the Dust

Rather than releasing dust with a feather duster, you should trap it. It is highly recommended to refrain from using a feather duster when you have allergies. Use a damp microfiber rag instead and dust the areas in your room that may not be entirely visible (these tend to pack the most dust since they go the longest without being cleaned). Places like the top of your vanity’s mirror and the top of your bed’s headboard should be dusted, as well.

  1. Clean in Horizontal and Vertical Directions

Don’t be a passive cleaner. To get maximum efficiency when cleaning, you should thoroughly sterilize your home furniture and fixations by cleaning in an upward to downward and side-to-side direction. Taking care of removing dust at all angles will eliminate the need to repeat the process.

Create a Cleaning-Friendly Atmosphere

Keep your windows open to let out the odor and residue of harmful chemicals released from products you might be cleaning with. Conversely, you should shut your windows tightly when it’s allergy season to stop allergens like pollen from coming through. Air purifiers are also an effective means of eradicating pollutants.

Get Some Backup

Allergies are hard enough to deal with, as it is, let alone having to handle them when cleaning.  Deep cleans are necessary to ascertain that allergy-causing factors are removed from your home.

You should get reinforcement to save you from doing the deep cleaning yourself and worsening your allergic reactions. 1st Class Cleaning can take the burden off your shoulders and clean hard-to-reach places you may not have even noticed to get to before. Contact us to say good riddance to your allergy problems today!

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