Allergy Carpet Cleaner

Allergy sufferers are all different.  Some people have extreme sensitivity to common allergens throughout the year, while others have a more mild reaction during allergy season.  Allergies affect people differently, but everyone with allergies goes through some sort of discomfort.  People with allergies either avoid cleaning their home or feel the need to have a meticulously cleaned home at all times.  This is because of the allergy related factors that come with having a clean or dirty home.

When you clean your home, you will definitely disrupt whatever dust and dirt is present.  Dust and dirt are some of the common irritants of people that suffer from allergies.  When the dust is in the air and settles on a surface it may not affect you until you begin to clean up.  This is when the irritants begin to stir up in the air, causing you to have a reaction. For other allergy sufferers, the mere presence of irritants, whether during a cleaning session or not, is cause for concern.  Keeping irritants out of the house is a priority for these kinds of people.

Causes of Allergy

Severe allergy sufferers know that dust mites are the main reason why they suffer from allergy symptoms at home.  Dust mites are located in various areas of the home including in furniture, bedding and carpet.  Pets are also a major cause of allergens in the home.  Pets that aren’t groomed on a regular basis can contribute to your allergies.  Their urine, saliva, dander and fur can cause you to react poorly.

How to Handle It

Allergens in your home don’t have to ruin your life.  You need to hire a professional cleaning service that knows how to handle the job. Most allergens end up affecting people that have carpet.  Carpeted surfaces are more likely to harbor allergens than any other surface material, like tile and wood.  Carpet is composed of pile that is attached to backing.  The pile is normally made of wool or a synthetic fabric. Fabrics are notorious for collecting dust and dander.

1st Class Cleaning offers an Allergy Relief Treatment for your home that will stop you from suffering every time your home needs to be cleaned.  The treatment features hypo-allergenic, natural ingredients that are non-toxic.  The ingredients are derived from fruit and vegetable seeds. The treatment neutralizes irritants like dust mite feces.  The treatments can be applied to carpet, rugs, furniture and beds.

To clean the carpet, 1st Class Cleaning uses high-efficiency HEPA vacuums to ensure that allergens are removed from the carpet and contained.  Other cleaning services may offer a similar service so you should be selective based on other factors as well.  When choosing a cleaning service make sure that the company is bonded and insured for your protection, uses green, environmentally responsible products and offers affordable rates.  You also need to make sure that the company you choose can accommodate your schedule and needs.  For more information on allergy treatment cleaning methods, visit today.

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