A Teen’s Bedroom: To Clean or Not to Clean?

teen-bedroom11You walk through your home and check to see that everything’s in its place. As you travel down the hallway, you glance into your teen’s room and come to a screeching halt. Uh oh.

In this moment, you have a decision to make. You can either:

  1. Calmly pull the door shut and ignore the incredible mess in the room or
  2. Take the necessary steps to correct the situation.

Will you reprimand your child and have them clean their room? Is it easier to do the work yourself? What are you really teaching your son or daughter with either of these choices? There’s a lot to think about here!

Well, we can’t leave you hanging. Here are a few pros and cons to the situation so that you’ll be more prepared the next time you find an incredible mess in their room.

Your House: Your Call

Many kids and teens have a habit of viewing their personal space as separate from the rest of the home. They fail to see that the half-eaten peanut butter sandwich will draw bugs, and those little pests won’t be content to stay in just one room. If the mess remains long enough, then you can wind up with damaged floors, mold, and other problems from continuous mess. The next time your kids claim that it’s their room and their choice, remind them that it’s your house and your call.

Clarify the Standards

What’s clean to one person is filthy to another. Your child looks around the room and genuinely sees nothing wrong with the mess. Take the time to clarify your personal standards. Do you want the floor clean and visible from wall to wall, but you’re not as worried about the shelves and dresser tops? Are you committed to having a cleaner environment that’s neat as a pin from one corner to the next? There are no right or wrong answers here, but you need to clearly define your standards so that your child will know what to expect.

Offer Consequences and Rewards

Discuss what steps you’ll take if your standards are not met and maintained. You may even want to offer some type of financial reward is the room stays clean for a month. Many kids receive and allowance for completing their necessary chores. Keep in mind, however, that you may also want to set consequences if they let the room turn into a cleaner’s nightmare again. In many cases, simply the threat of being grounded from friends or electronics can entice your teen to stay on track.

The First Cleaning

Remember that there’s a big difference between cleaning a messy area and keeping a clean area in top condition. Your child may be perfectly capable of keeping the space picked up, but that doesn’t mean that he or she knows where to start when the area is in complete disarray. It may be necessary for you to help with the initial cleaning. It’s a great chance to make sure the room meets your standards before you start with the new system of inspections, rewards, and consequences.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have time to deal with cleaning the room on your own, then consider hiring a professional agency. 1st Class Cleaning is ready to clear out the clutter, remove the dirty laundry and even get the mess out from under the bed. Call us today to schedule your appointment with 1st Class Cleaning and let us handle your teenager’s mess.

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