A Task or a Room at a Time? The Best Way to Tackle Spring Cleaning

A Task or a Room at a Time The Best Way to Tackle Spring CleaningSpring cleaning is a tall order, but it’s gotta get done. So what’s the fastest, most efficient, most effective way to get it all done? Should you go room by room or pick one task to complete throughout the house?

Ultimately, the best choice is the one that gets the job done. There is no magic wand here. Just you.

Remember that this doesn’t all need to be done on the same day or even in the same week. That’s way too stressful. You can set up a schedule have every single chore checked off within a month.

The List

You can go through this list and check off each item as you go, or pick one task on the list and do it in every room until it’s finished. The choice is yours! If a particular task doesn’t apply to a certain room, skip it:

  • Remove drapes and curtains (including the ones in the shower) and wash them. Dry them on a low heat setting, remove them before they’re totally dry and hang them back up.
  • Wash all pillows. Bedroom pillows should be taken out of the case, put in the washing machine and tossed into the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to help fluff them up and maintain their shape. Spot clean any decorative pillows that cannot be put in the machine.
  • Dust. Start at the top of the room and work your away across, then down, then across, then down a little more, then across and down even further ‘til you’re done. Use a lint roller to clean lampshades.
  • Rotate, flip and clean your mattress and couch cushions. This will help them keep their shape and distribute the wear pattern for a longer life.
  • Vacuum / wash all vents and change your HVAC filters. Allergy season is upon us, so use this time to get a head start on keeping allergens out of your home.
  • Vacuum / wash all corners and baseboards. A lot of grit builds up in the corners of your home and often go unnoticed. This is especially true in the bathroom.
  • Vacuum / wash all floors. The snow’s melted, which means lots of muddy footprints and salty feet. Protect your floors with a good, thorough clean.
  • Sanitize all points of contact (light switches, drawer handles, doorknobs, remote controls, game controllers, etc.) These areas are easy to forget, but are the biggest sources of contagion in the home.
  • Wash and change bedding. Spring is all about freshness and there’s nothing quite as comfortable as a fresh set of sheets. If you use different sheets for winter and summer months, now is a good time to switch them out.
  • Wash windows inside and out. There is finally sunlight to enjoy! Don’t prevent it from entering your home, it will help get rid of those winter blues.
  • Wash / wipe down all horizontal surfaces (tables, counters, shelves, etc.) Do this after you dust to get rid of smudges and debris.
  • Spot clean walls and doors. We generally don’t think about washing our walls or doors, but they accumulate dust, hand prints and assorted filth throughout the year, too.
  • Clean grout. Dirt gets ground into the grout, which can quickly turn it from white to some unsightly shade of black.
  • Clean out cabinets and closets. Remove everything, wash / vacuum the corners and the floor, wipe down shelves, organize the items and replace.
  • Wash throw rugs. After a long winter indoors, these guys are in need of some TLC. Take them outside, beat them, vacuum them and spot treat if necessary. Once dry, put them back where they belong.
  • Dust and clean fans and light fixtures. Don’t forget about these babies. They’re home to all sorts of dust, dirt and have maybe become home to a multi-legged houseguest. Don’t forget to take care of outdoor lights on the porch or patio!
  • Dust door tops and frames. Another easy to forget, you don’t want to clean your whole home only to have dust settle on everything when you use the doors.
  • Clean fireplace and hearth. After a winter spent keeping you cozy and warm, these areas need a little maintenance. This is also the time to inspect for damage or have a professional come clean out the chimney.
  • Clean kitchen appliances. Make sure you include the dashboard of your oven, the top of your fridge, the toaster, toaster oven and crockpot. You may even want to spend some time giving your pots and pans a real good scrub if they look a little dingy.
  • Clean under kitchen appliances. Easy to forget but a veritable smorgasbord for pests. Get rid of the crumbs, find lost kitchen utensils and check for leaks.
  • Switch wardrobes and put your winter clothes in storage. That’s one great thing about living in the north, we get to enjoy two different wardrobes. Break out the sundresses and sandals, girls!
  • Oil / polish furniture. With all the dry heat in your home during the winter, your wooden pieces could use a little lovin’. Rub some wood polish into them to keep them healthy, shiny and durable.
  • Deep clean the oven. Whether you have a self-cleaning option, you should take some time to remove the burnt stuff caked around the bottom, wash off the interior light and soak / scrub the racks.
  • Check caulking around tubs and showers. If you see any pieces that look moldy or are flaking away, it may be time to call in a professional to fix them.
  • Check locks and deadbolts on doors and windows. Changes in weather can warp the wood around these items and make them difficult to open and close. If any of them have sustained damage or aren’t functioning well, take the time to replace them and keep your home safe.
  • Inspect window screens for tears and holes. This is a great way for bugs to get into the house, so take the time to rescreen your windows if you need to.
  • Remove showerheads and clean. Because who doesn’t love good water pressure?
  • Check for cracks in your driveway or pavement. Changing temperatures can damage these areas, so inspect them for small issues before they become large ones.
  • Flush outdoor water faucets and check for leaks.
  • Clean the garage. Check out the link for a helpful way to get organized.
  • Sweep and wash the patio or deck. Take some time to inspect for damage and make arrangements to have any issues repaired.
  • Spray for pests. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Also look for possible entry points and seal them before the warm weather brings them indoors.
  • Inspect plumbing for leaks and clean aerators on faucets.
  • Check the roof for damage, leaks, debris.
  • Remove dead plants from outside the home.
  • Check your AC system and have it serviced before summer comes.
  • Clean out gutters and inspect for damage.
  • Make sure no holiday decorations are surfacing in the snowmelt. If you still have Christmas lights up, now’s the time to take them down. The holidays will be back before you know it. Let’s just enjoy the summer first!

Do you have other chores you would add to this list? Are you more likely to go task by task or room by room? Let us know in the comments!

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