A Professional Cleaning Checklist: Clean Your NYC Apartment Like a Pro!

A Professional Cleaning Checklist Clean Your NYC Apartment Like a Pro!When you hire 1st Class Cleaning, you’re hiring professional cleaners. And like all professionals, we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to working smarter. When it comes to cleaning a home, the most important one is to have a plan. We have a systematic, organized way of cleaning that still gives us enough flexibility to incorporate any special tasks you ask us to handle.

Our moms always taught us that sharing is caring, so we’re going to let you in our professional cleaning secrets so you can enjoy that first class clean anytime you want!

Before You Start

  •  Put on some lively, upbeat music. Attitude is a huge part of productivity, and nothing improves it like a good playlist. Don’t take too much time making one though, just pick your favorite songs and go!
  •  Go from room to room picking up obvious clutter—books, magazines, toys, DVDs, loose change. Don’t worry about putting it away right now, just grab an empty laundry basket and dump it all in. You can sort through it when you’re done cleaning, decide what you absolutely must have, find a home for it and get rid of the rest.
  •  Dust everything using a microfiber cloth, going from left to right, top to bottom in a spiral pattern. Doing it this way will prevent dust from falling onto areas you’ve already dusted.
  • Close slatted blinds one way, dust the entire thing following the left-right, top-bottom rule, then close them the other way and repeat. It’s a lot faster than going slat-by-slat.
  • Don’t forget the tops of doors, doorframes, fans, window sills and ledges, light fixtures, picture frames and tchotchkes! Use a little glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth on the front of framed photos, TVs and computer screens to avoid streaking.
  • Check your vacuum’s bag or compartment, empty it if it’s full and vacuum. Use the attachments on curtains, drapes and upholstery. Find stuff between your couch cushions that you thought was gone forever. Toss it in your basket to deal with later.
  •  Sweep, mop and treat all of your floors, except for the kitchen. If you’re mopping, start at the furthest corner of the room and move back forth toward the entrance. Rinse your mop for each 4’ x 4’ area you cover. Let it dry.
  •  Complete any special tasks unique to your home. If you have wooden furniture, now’s the time to wax it. Stains on the carpet? Now’s the time to treat them.

The Kitchen

  •  Wipe down countertops and cabinets following the left-right, top-bottom rule
  • Clean the exteriors of your appliances—fridge, microwave, dishwasher
  • Wipe down the stove top
  • Clean inside the microwave
  • Scrub inside and around the sink
  • Sweep and mop the floor (PRO TIP: Go easy on the cleaning product you put in the water. Too much actually creates a surface that attracts build up. You don’t want that!)

All Bathrooms

  •  Remove rugs, trash bins and anything on the floor that comes up if you didn’t do this when you vacuumed
  • Remove all people-cleaning products from the tub and shower
  • Wet the tub and shower walls with warm water. You will be standing in here, so you may want to lay down a bath mat.
  • Apply a tile and grout cleaner, let it sit while you do the next couple steps
  • Spray and clean everything except the mirror, toilet, sink and shower with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Fill a bucket with a 1:4 ratio of all purpose cleaner and water. You’ll use this to clean the floor in a few minutes
  • Scrub the tub / shower walls and door, using a grout brush between tiles if you need to (this is what the bath mat is for)
  • Get out of the tub, apply tile and grout cleaner to the bottom of the tub / shower floor and scrub
  • Clean any shower racks, soap dishes and shelving
  • Clean out the shower track if you have a sliding door
  • Rinse the walls and use a dry cloth or squeegee to dry them
  • Spray tile and grout cleaner into the sink and soap dish
  • Spray all-purpose cleaner onto countertop
  • Scrub the sink, using a grout brush on the faucet and drain
  • Rinse the sink and your cleaning cloth
  • Wipe down the countertops and the front of any cabinets
  • Spray some glass cleaner on a soft, dry cloth and clean and buff the mirror and shine the faucets
  • Wash the floor with the solution you made earlier and allow it to dry
  • Once dry, replace bath mats, rugs, trash bins and people-cleaning products

Finish Up the Bedrooms

  •  If you’re already done the chores in the “Before You Start” section, you’re more than halfway done here! All that you need to do now is:
  •  Return furniture to its home if you moved it to vacuum
  • Make the bed
  • Straighten up any knickknacks or decorations
  • Complete any special tasks unique to your room — organize your sock drawer, put away laundry, make a towel animal and put a mint on your pillow, whatever!


  • Spray a little streak-free glass cleaner on a clean microfiber cloth or the fuzzy side of a squeegee and wipe down your windows. (PRO TIP: Newspapers don’t work as well as they used to since the industry has changed from inks containing carbon black (AKA: lamp black, the stuff that actually gave windows a nice polish) to latex-based inks.
  • Squeegee the windows dry
  • For large and/or hard-to-reach windows and skylights, use a professional quality squeegee
  • If you can remove your screens, take them out and scrub with a solution of all purpose cleaner and warm water and bristle brush. Rinse, replace and let dry.

Sort Through Your Laundry Basket of Stuff

  •  Get rid of things you don’t need by donating or throwing away
  • Find a home for the things you do need and make sure they find their way back to it at the end of each day
  •  And that’s it! You’re done. If you’re not exhausted (and it’s not time for dinner), you may want to consider cleaning and organizing a long forgotten closet or heading out to one of the city’s many hidey-holes for a drink or treat because you totally handled all that cleaning like a pro! Way to go!!

For professional house cleaning you don’t have to do yourself, contact 1st Class Cleaning. We use people, pet and environmentally friendly cleaners that give you an immaculate clean with none of the harsh scents. Ask us about our flexible cleaning schedules, competitive rates and bonded and insured maids.

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