A New York Cleaning Company That Uses Green Products

ecoWhen you have to clean your place, a lot more has to be taken into account than simply the act of cleaning it.  Half the battle is over what you’re using to do so.  Even if you remove every last molecule of dirt and grime from your house, using an unsafe cleaner may make the situation even worse.  Fumes and chemicals from cleaners you use may make the house at best undesirable to be in and, at worst, unsafe.To this end, we at 1st Class Cleaning are proud to declare that we exclusively use green products whenever we do any service, for our environment and for our valued customers.

Why Go Green?

Conventional cleaning products are great against all kinds of dirt and other impurities but they introduce much of their own.  Many cleaners have a petroleum base, which is also prominent element found in motor oil and gasoline.  Henceforth, it’s a flammable substance whose fumes could be potentially harmful to your lungs.  Beyond that, it’s also detrimental to the environment as well, contributing to global warming as it disintegrates into the atmosphere.It’s hardly the only toxin found in traditional cleaners either.  Conventional dry cleaners often contain perchloroethylene, which is toxic when inhaled by people and can also contribute to the climate change.  Surely, there can be a better way to clean than this.

We Use Method Products

At 1st Class Cleaning, we get our cleaning products directly from Method.  This San Francisco-based corporation manufactures minimalistic cleaning products, eschewing the above-mentioned harmful chemicals and their kin in favor of holistic, environmentally friendly compositions.  Here are some illustrative examples of which Method products we use to make your house or business completely clean.

Ensuring Your Bathroom is Spotless

Of all the places in your house, your bathroom, above all others, needs to free of all kinds of harmful substances, regardless of their point of origin.  Our biodegradable tub and tile cleaner removes filth and other undesirable substances from your tub and toilet without leaving a lot of equally-disgusting ammonia and bleach residue behind for you to inhale.

And Everywhere Else, For That Matter

Don’t worry, though.  Our green products cover all of the less-intimate settings of your house too.  Wood-for-Good wipes clean and condition your wood without any nasty waxes.  Cucumber sprays absorb dirt, rather than degrading it and making it seep into the rest of the environment.  We even use Mint Window Wash, so you still get some nice fragrances, just minus all of the health risks.

Clean Green With Us

When we clean, we make sure that we leave your place looking, feeling and outright being better than when we first found it.  We can guarantee that, when you call on us, our work will make your home far less harmful to both you, your family, pets, and the whole of humanity.

So log onto our website at www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com or call us at 1-800-309-7881 so our friendly staff can help you get your home or business looking fantastic and being as habitable as possible today. We offer recurring and one-time cleaning services.

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