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Industrial Cleaners that are Safe for the Environment

Industrial Cleaners that are Safe for the EnvironmentGreen cleaning isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also great for your family and general health. Toxic chemicals that come with warnings about inhaling the product often have fumes that can damage your air passageways and give you a headache. Some are caustic to your skin, and they can also damage your eyes if you should accidentally splash some onto your face. There was a time when people scoffed at green cleaners and said they wouldn’t work, but the truth is that people have been using various green cleaners for generations. The companies that offer industrialized cleaners have been a little slow to embrace the change, but they’re now responding to public demand and offering cleaners that are safe and effective.

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Green Commercial Cleaning Professionals in New York

Green Commercial Cleaning Professionals in New YorkGreen Commercial Cleaning Professionals in New York

When it comes to your office building or retail store, you appreciate how important it is to keep the environment clean. However, did you know that it’s better to choose a green cleaning team than one that uses traditional chemicals? The harsh chemicals used by many companies are cheaply made, leave a dangerous residue behind and could be making your employees sick. However, 1st Class Cleaning of New York City offers green options for your convenience and benefit.

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Janitorial Services in New York

Janitorial Service in New YorkIf you’re a small business owner that has recently decided to set up shop in a new office complex, you likely considered all of the major decisions: the number of employees, the available parking, transit concerns, office furniture, computers, and more. But what about keeping that brand new space clean and sanitary for the people you’ll working with each day?

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